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Fifa 19 New Easy Shooting Tips-How To Score Every Time With Finishing Tutorial

10/15/2018 10:50:24 AM

after the latest patch, one of the biggest problems with fifa 19 is how to score every time, for some reasons it's hard to score goals, the dribble finish from fifa 18 doesn't work anymore but there is another incredible way of scoring goals from inside a penalty box. then we'll talk about the new easy shooting ways in fifa 19 ultimate team.

first of all, forget about the new low-driven shot, forget about the new time finishing when you find yourself inside a penalty box and want to score goals. the number one shooting technique in fifa 19 right now is called the power shots, i'm talking about the regular power shots, you don't need to use any extra buttons to perform this type of shooting, however, the key to success is the shot power, so make sure to follow the tutorial carefully. i score over 95% of my goalscoring chances using power shots in balls for champions and division rivals. 

let me show you how everything works in the first example. i'm in a one-on-one situation with a goalkeeper, i load two bars of power, then aim at the far post bar and goalkeepers cannot stop it. 

but let's take a look at the next example, again i'm inside a penalty box in a shooting position and load two bars of power and i aim at the far post bar it's a beautiful go, goalkeepers don't know how to react to this type of shooting properly.

let's take one more example, great through ball for a third again i'm in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper and load two bars of power for post finish and there you go i score a goal without any problems.

get the most out of this type of shooting, you need to use the players stronger foot to take power shots or you can use the players who have four stars weak foot or above also before shooting make sure to release the spring button and don't use time finishing.

one more type of situations is when you're pressured by the defender inside a penalty box and you don't have time to take a touch, don't worry because you can use the power shots has first time finished, basically you need to follow the same steps well.

the ball is traveling, load two pounds of power, aim at the far post and there you go easy for some reasons goalkeepers don't know how to stop power shots with two bars of power, that's why it's very important to use exactly two bars of power for maximum performance as know. in fifa 19, we've got various shooting techniques: low-driven finish ground shots, finish shots, power shots, time finishing and so on, but what you only need to use power shots with exactly two bars of power to score goals in one-on-one situations with the goalkeepers, i don't know why but after the latest patch this is the most overpowered technique to use from inside penalty box if you want to increase the efficiency of your shooting.

the finishing tutorial that how to score every time in fifa 19 matches is above, more fifa 19 tips and tricks like celebrations, skill moves, dribbling tutorial and so on, you can come up on

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