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Best Ways To Earn MT Coins & VC In NBA 2K22 - Top Legit Methods To Get 2K22 MT Coins Easily

9/7/2021 2:17:25 PM

If you are looking for a build or get some top-rated players for the upcoming NBA 2K22, then you’ll need to collect VC & coins. How to get NBA 2K22 VC & coins fast and easy? Read on this guide and we show some of the best and easiest methods to get VC fast in NBA 2K22. These are 100% legit and you can make hundreds of VC per day, so you can upgrade your player, buy new animations or go crazy at swag. 

Best Ways To Earn MT Coins & VC In NBA 2K22

1. Blacktop

All you want to do is head over to play now and select blacktop, choose one on one and go on to one side and we want to change the game conditions to five. Head over to the old-time teams by pressing triangle or y if you're on Xbox and select any player you want. Once you do that, go back to the NBA teams and pick any low-rated player. On blacktop, you get 200 VC, you can do this method even faster by putting your opponent as the second controller. You can realistically make about 400 VC per one minute which means that in an hour you can make around 24 000 VC if you grind yourself for about an hour. Once the first match is finished, you just press rematch and you can do this as many times as you want.

2. The Neighborhood

Another method of getting a lot of VC every single day is by going to the neighborhood and checking what your daily bonuses. These are usually tasks that can be completed in the neighborhood or in My Career games.

3. Jeff’s 2K Arcade

Another thing you should be doing every single day is heading over to Jeff's 2K Arcade. Inside the Arcade, there's the daily spin wheel in which you can win a range of prizes from whether it's VC, clothing items or even some skill boost, so it's very important that you go there every single day. Once you reach elite you can even get multiple spins and the more exciting part is that there's a bonus section on elite wheels in which you can win up to 1 million VC from if it lands on bonus. 

4. Online NBA 2K22 MT Store 

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