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FIFA 21 Best Trading Method Guide - How To Use The 10-20-30 Trading Method

12/30/2020 11:50:51 AM

The 10-20-30 trading method, you've heard people mention it,  but you don't know how to use the method itself. so in this tutorial, we're gonna show you every different way to make coins with this filter. This is one of those trading methods that you can do throughout the whole year. it doesn't matter what time of day you do it, it doesn't matter what promo you do it, you could literally do this at any time. 

let's get into the 10-20-30 methods! Go to special, then 10-20-30. Then all of these specials will pop up on the screen, what we would advise you is stay away from cards that are in packs at the moment. For example, the player Rodriguez got a shadow at 16k coins. This is a method you can use with 50k to 5 million. it doesn't matter what budget you can do this with. but if you look at that shadow Rodriguez and go onto the market and find his card to see what is this player actually going for. So we'll go to freeze and his normal price right at the moment is 17k coins. with a shadow, this player is about 17.5k-ish. if you buy this at 16k and you sell it for 17.5k. you're making a good 700 to 800 coins on this card. And if you learn the fluctuations and you catch somebody on the low of its fluctuations, you are going to make more.

But on the other hand, if a card is in packs, the fluctuations don't mean as much. but if you're trading with cards or out of packs, these players are fluctuating up and down every day. so it's easier to trade it with people. 

so we're going to go back to the 10-20-30 filter. It’s best to trade cards that are out of packs. And another trick is you keep re-listing the card every single hour. and you will get sales on this card. 

Know the fluctuations in the card, this is something you want to capitalize on. especially if you're doing a 10-20-30 filter, at the time that he hits the lowest point on the market, that’s when you make the move. 

And try to do this method in the daytime, that’s when cards that are out of the packs getting sold. This method is all about bidding through the fluctuations.

So this method is really good, you could make good like 20~30k an hour off of this. If you look at the fluctuations and you can catch the card on the low of its fluctuation and you can get somebody that's bidding against you, and that person haven’t been experienced in the market and doesn’t know that the card is fluctuating, then you can get some really nice bids. Because of this card drops to 16k coins(for example right on a particular hour for no reason, just due to the fluctuations). And all of a sudden, you will be able to get on bids at 15k. And now you can sell them at 17.5~17.7k when it hits that price again. So you could tell how profitable this method can be if you learn the proper fluctuations on these cards.

So that’s all for the 10-20-30 method, if you want to see more take on how to trade on FIFA 21, stay tuned and check out our news collum, we will be updating soon. And if you are looking for cheap FIFA 21 Coins, click here to purchase! 

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