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Best Guard Build NBA 2K22 - A Demigod Build In NBA 2k22

6/16/2022 9:27:47 AM

Here is the best all-around version of NBA 2k22 if you are looking for a build that can shoot like a sharpshooter, dribble like a slasher, dribble like an organizer and defend like a lockdown. You can defend in games. How exactly do you build this build? If you have never touched it before, it's going to be on the imperial system using feet inches pounds, if you use the metric system, it's going to be centimeters kilograms, those types of things, and it's basically going to give you more options and you can have more builds just by putting it on the metric system.

Best Guard Build NBA 2K22 - A Demigod Build In NBA 2k22

Now you can show you how to build that, that structure and position a lot of people always want to go point guard, the point guard is just better point guard, people like to name point guard as their position, they just want the point guard name, but point guard is actually one thing and you get the extra badge that they for some reason won't give you as a point guard, the point guard's usual hand doesn't matter. It's just a shootout and a very good build.

Half red and half yellow is also a very good pie chart, the three-point shot is a little low, so if you are a beginner this may not be the best pie chart for you. It's actually the last pie chart skill breakdown at the bottom of all of them, and if you are looking at the stats then you might not be so surprised to see that the dunks aren't so high that this build can't touch the dunks. Still get some crazy dunks, but you don't unlock the actual contact dunks, if you play this game, contact dunks are overrated and even if you have slash dunks, you don't really get them.

You are seeing great shooting percentages, that's enough shooting, some questions about defense, will reach max arm strength, this body type will be very tall so you can defend anyone, play at this body type for a while, like half of a season you will be good on defense, when building this build, trying to get the best combination in the game that will take it to the max is a perfect entry point.

Best NBA 2K22 Shooting Guard Build

Choose Your Position & Profile

Position: Shooting Guard 

Handed: Right 

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart, you're gonna go the half red and half yellow. 

Physical Profile

Speed: 87

Strength: 46

Accelerating: 85

Vertical: 64

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Compact

- Height: 1.96m

- Weight: 79kg

- Wingspan: 218cm

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 55-55

       Driving layup:51-75

       Driving dunk: 29-64

       Standing dunk: 26-26

       Post hook: 30-30

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 60-85

        Three-point shot: 60-84

        Free throw: 62-83

        Post Fade: 51-72

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy:56-91

        Ball handle: 55-87

        Post control: 42-45

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 35-39

        Perimeter defense: 48-75

        Lateral Quickness: 48-75

        Steal: 33-78

        Block: 27-50

        Offensive rebound: 26-52

        Defensive rebound: 28-66


Shot creator 

You have built: Playmaker


-Finishing Badges

Limitless Takeoff(Gold)

-Shooting Badges

Blinders(Gold), Hot Zone Hunter(Gold), Sniper(Gold), Stop&Pop(Gold), Chef(Bronze), Deadeye(Bronze), Difficult Shots(Bronze), Green Machine(Bronze), Lucky #7(Bronze)

-Playmaking Badges

Handles for days(HOF), Quick Chain(HOF), Quick First Step(HOF), Tight Handles(HOF), Unpluckable(HOF), Space Creator(Bronze)


Clamps(Gold), Chase Down Artist(Bronze), Intimidator(Bronze), Menace(Bronze), Pick Pocket(Bronze), Rim Protector (Bronze)

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