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Fifa 19 Free Kick Tutorial-Perform The Best Indirect Free Kick Tips & Tricks In Fifa 19

10/13/2018 5:53:40 PM

each skill in fifa 19 may have an influence on the match results, including passing, dribbling, penalty, and much more. then, we'll talk about the best free kick tutorial in fifa 19. how to perform the best indirect free kick? it's extremely simple and effective, hope to be useful for you.

there is no doubt that in fifa 19 it like the previous time, you can score a driven free kick or a curl-free kick especially when you are in close distance, but it's a little bit tougher than some of the previous fifa series. i find the power to be very inconsistent and the best way to score would definitely be the indirect free kick especially when you're close to the goal.

as soon as you get the free kick opportunity, you want to take a look at the nearest player or the nearest attacker, he is going to be wide open unless your opponent is controlling somebody and purposely gets in front of him. what you should do if you are defending unless that player going to be wide open and you can pass him the ball and score a goal, if he is going to be right, just take one touch square up your shoulders with the far post and take the finesse shot, then you can see a lot of opportunities.

so many people don't defend against the near player and don't do the indirect free kick  when really close to the goal, they're worried about you taking the direct free kick and taking either a curl or driven free kick that they just lead the player open and all you have to do is a simple move to get it to your foot and then take a good shot here.

sometimes you are a little bit farther away or the defenders in the way of the shooting line, then you can't shoot right away, so to do a skill move to get past them and get through in there into a good score. sometimes the player is going to hide behind a defender, what you can do is just like bring over a second player try to switch it up, refresh it. it refreshes the rest of attackers movements. the headers are quite powerful kicks in fifa 19, so don't be afraid to do those indirect free kicks.

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