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Fifa 19 Platform-Graphics Comparison Between Ps4 And Xbox One

9/25/2018 4:39:26 PM

fifa 19 will be officially released after three days, 28 september 2018 on various platform, many players may feel difficult to select which platform, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and everyone has its own requirements, so there is no best platform, only the most suitable platform. today we'll talk about the graphics comparison between ps4 and xbox one, hope it can let you feel the graphics and continuity of the game directly and give you a reference to make the choice.

let's see the graphics comparison of some scenes by several screenshots. the first picture shows graphics of xbox one and the second is ps4.

the opening scene:

passing the ball:


the graphics are the quality of a picture. it includes clarity, sharpness, chromatic dispersion, resolution, color purity, color balance and so on. from these three group of screenshots, we can the clarity of xbox one and ps4 has no much difference. larger pictures are clearer and smaller pictures can be improved. we can hardly tell which player is passing the ball from a small picture. the position of the ball also needs careful observation. from the point of view of color purity, or colorful degree, the xbox one is a little better, the frame is more colorful and the contrast is a little stronger. 

on the other hand, all the screenshots decreased the quality of graphics, in fact, the video is clearer than the screenshots, and we can experience the picture fluency and the continuity of player's action from the video. it's likely we are on the football field and play by ourselves. this is also the fun of a football simulation video game.

graphics comparison only represents one aspect of the difference between xbox one and ps4, there are also game configuration, touch, operation and other aspects affect the game experience. this article just as a reference to you, maybe you have the different feelings, it's normal. in the whole, the graphics of fifa 19 has improved than the fifa series before and the reality is increased as well, the general game experience will much be improved. you can experience by yourself when the fifa 19 on sale officially. follow-up content please focus on, we'll provide more news and cheap fifa 19 coins constantly.

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