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FIFA 20 Starting Guide - FUT 20 Investing Tips, Calendar, Team Building & How to Start FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

8/19/2019 4:33:52 PM

FIFA 20 is set to be released in the next month and there should be many players are preparing to access the game as early as possible. How to start the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for greater progress and more benefits? Here bring you the FIFA 20 starting guide with some suggestions and Infos on preparing the game, early access, upcoming calendar, team building, and FUT 20 investing tips.

fifa 20 starter guide


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Starting Guide/Tips - Prepare and Start the Game Earlier

Before the game coming out, you should prepare for it and have a brief plan, if you are a new gamer of FIFA 20, know about the basics and rules of the game firstly and all FIFA 20 new features and changes, if you are a returning player, you should know your expectations and goals, in addition, the upcoming timeline and events calendar should be clear in your mind. 

FIFA 20 Release Calendar/Schedule in September

FIFA 20 Demo - September 12, 2019

FIFA 19 Web App Offline - September 14, 2019

FIFA 20 Web App - September 18, 2019

FIFA 20 EA & Origin Access - September 19, 2019

FIFA 20 Companion App - September 20, 2019

FIFA 20 Special Editions Release - September 24, 2019

FIFA 29 Standard Edition Release and First POTM - September 27, 2019

After preparing for the game, what you can do is to play the game as early as possible. There are lots of ways to access FIFA 20 earlier than the full release, including the FIFA 20 closed beta (started until August 22), Demo, Web and Companion App, EA and Origin Access, and special editions. Click here to get the rules and methods in detail.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Starting Guide/Tips - Trade and Collect FIFA 20 Coins

Check out the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App investing tips, make coins or save coins within the first couple of days.

- When you load up your account on FIFA 20, you would receive some starter packs and welcome packs while the quantity and quality determined by your FUT 19 gaming activity. If you are a brand new player to the game, you are likely to be given one or two fairly average packs mainly consists of bronzes and silvers, if you have played a lot in FIFA 19, you would be rewarded with a decent number of good packs including plenty of gold players and some rare ones. 

- Don't sell any players from the packs immediately, compare the price of each player you got, regardless of their quality. We are going to get a host of SBCs when the new franchise comes out, which requires bronzes, silvers or players from random leagues or nations, they'll have better values than original, it's worth selling them when you can get extra FIFA 20 Coins, then you can get a lot more coins back than just quick sell them.

- FIFA 20 meta players will increase in value a couple of days after the initial release because people don't have much FUT 20 Coins at the beginning and are not going to build team on the Web App. If you pack someone like Ronaldo, Messi, ICONs, or other overpowered meta players, keep holding them until the full game released on console and then you can sell your cards with a much higher price for great profits. You can also sell them earlier on FUT 20 Web App.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Starting Guide/Tips - Build Your Team

Building a top-quality team is a significant thing in winning a match. There are some factors you should consider when creating your squad.

- Team rating and player stats. Different positions have different key attributes, choose the player who has a certain ability, for example, the strikers should have good shooting and pace stats at least. Other than that, buy players suit your squad based on the formation and position. 

- Team chemistry. Even if you have the idea of which players you are going to obtain, you need to consider the team chemistry as well. You not only need to find some high rated players but also to put those who have the same nation, same club or same league in an adjacent position of a squad. You can use the FIFA 20 Squad Builder with all players to try the best rating and chemistry.

- Stock a certain amount of coins, start your team with some medium-class players, which can be used as substitutes or reserves in the future, keep an eye on the market trend and when you balance allows, get one more top player with lower price, update your team one by one. 

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