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Best Top 10 Fifa 19 Tips - Defending Tactic, Dribbling, Passing And Shooting Guide, Best Skill Moves And More Fut Tricks

12/27/2018 3:17:25 PM

in fifa 19 gameplay, some small actions or frequently used button can play a different role in your match and influence or even change the last result, here will introduce the best top 10 game changing fifa 19 tips can help you improve quickly and easily, when and how to use it, regarding the attacking, defending tactics and tricks, passing, dribbling, crossing, shooting technique guide, best skill moves and more easy but effective gameplay controls and tutorials.

you can practice in daily matches and apply the tutorial in fut champion, fut draft, and more matches. these tips are better based on applying the best fifa 19 formation with custom defending and attacking tactics, buy well-performed players in different positions with cheap fifa 19 coins and build your overpowered team.

fifa 19 tip 10. don't contain with your defenders & defend with your whole team

- if you contain your defender, it gives time for your opponent on the ball and dictate the gameplay.
- be in control of your gameplay instead of just rushing with your defenders, the fifa 19 defending tactic is try to use help from the midfielders and strikers, try to activate as many players as possible in the defense when you get the chance, the prime example is to simply just give support with your cm and track back, you can also do it in more attacking positions.

fifa 19 tip 9. implement the l1 micro dribbling

- l1 micro dribbling in fifa 19 can give you the chance to dictate the midfielder and keep the ball very close to e feet of your player.
- the best thing about this type dribbling is that it works with all players and a good way of control the ball closely in games but a lot of latency when you left stick doesn't always respond to your actions it works best on the wings, when you are working with small spaces to turn around from the defenders and find that path back to a teammate, using it with a technical player like pele, you can see how fast he manages to turn and twist.

fifa 19 tip 8. actively cover the deep pass & cut passing lanes

- allows you to have a chance to be one step ahead of your opponent in defensive situations.
- try to close down the through ball manually rather than relying on fifa ai action, quickly tracking back and close down the dangerous option, the golden distance 0.5 meters make you calculate a pass but also apply pressure if going with a simple ground pass.
- properly learn the patterns of your opponents, try to find an invisible passing lane and step into their paths when the opponent decided his action, cutting off the dangerous passing lane to take them all back to where they were, retrieving the ball in this sequence instead of being aggressive with our wing back and pushing up.

fifa 19 tip 7. spray the timed finesse shots & hit them on the first touch

- spray the timed finishing shots are the most dangerous attacking weapon, practice and try to hit more green bars and spray as many time finesse shots as possible.
- even though you miss time, you also have the chance to score, don't get punished by the game when hitting the yellow board although it might get patched, enjoy the feast while it lasts.
- first touch also has extra velocity to the shot and it often doesn't give the opponent time to react with his goalkeeper, try to hit a time shot for the extra accuracy but this doesn't only go for the finesse shots, regular first time shot, the strikers are very powerful especially if he hit the green bar, but don't shoot blindly.

fifa 19 tip 6. shoot more at the near post

- goalkeeper movement opens lots of space at the near post, a useful shooting tip is to wait for the opponent to expose that near poles, you can score the simple goals even know the opponent does not move the goalkeeper.
- if he is moving the keeper, it becomes even easier no special striker required just a simple shot and prepare l1, r1 on your ps4, xbox one to skip celebrations.

fifa 19 tip 5. master la croqueta - best skill move in fifa 19

- la croqueta is the best skill move in fifa 19, it is very rapid and quickly opens up a new lanes you can also do it to work yourself into a financial position, it even works in one versus one with the goalkeeper if you have the right timing, but the best usage area is to use it on the wing to find yourself away into the box.
- just hold l1 and make a ball roll motion with your right stick.

fifa 19 tip 4. master the gk (r3 movement) & use more right stick switching

- right stick for completing goalkeeper movement is a new feature in fifa 19 with full potential, master it for more wins easily.
- use the keeper to help out on corners and free kicks to cover obvious areas.
- hold down the right stick and move when you think the opponent picked his corner, pro players will go more for the near post while a less experienced will go to the obvious one for false choice and active on set pieces.
- right stick switching is a big key in defending to allows you to close the gaps quickly and simply step into the path of your opponents before he gets a chance to control the ball.

fifa 19 tip 3. use the manual corners

- they have more precision than the regular ones and you can choose exactly who you want to aim for, select the taker with good passing attributes.
- flick with the right stick to the biggest aerial threat and just aim for the open areas around the penalty spot where the goalkeeper can't reach, a good tactic is aim for small players of your opponents, power up lightly and try to perfectly time that second press with the run of your player.
- headers can be used from insane distances and very powerful but requires the manual corner guarantee.

fifa 19 tip 2. use the r1 low cross

- low cross make the ball travel rapidly on the ground in matches and when you have a counter-attack it is very precise and the velocity makes it hard to catch for the opponent's goalkeeper
- just use a very high power and aim towards the player in the box which are left stick when it comes to the finishing, try to shoot a ball backwards came from if the opponent isn't moving his keeper.

fifa 19 tip 1. set your players in motion

- this is a good way to find one who passes into a dangerous space, you can also use it to activate the player standing still there.
- just press l1 and activate player to make a dangerous run behind opponents defense it is very easy to defend against a team, the l1 button gives you the chance to create dangerous movement but sometimes they are simply moving too much.


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