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Fifa 19 Pro Players Tactics - Easy Tricks For Shooting, Passing And More To Help You Improve In Fifa 19

12/17/2018 11:03:03 AM

each player want to get the win in fifa 19 rival divisions and fut champions to get more rewards and top rank, what tactics and tricks pro players used? which tips and tricks are easy to master and improve the skill? in this tutorial, will talk about fifa 19 pro players tactics and tips for shooting, passing and one-on-one situations.

i. fifa 19 shooting tips - how to improve your shooting technique

1. choose right shooting type in different situations.

- regular shot: press shoot button to quickly get shots off if needed.

- finesse shot: press shoot button + r1/rb when the goalkeeper is directly in front of you to curve the ball around the keeper.

- chip shot: press shoot button + l1/lb when  on one-on-one situations the keeper is close in front of you.

- header/volley: press shoot button  when a ball is crossed to your player.

- low shot: double press shoot button when need  to make sure the shot won't fly above the goal.

- fake shot: press shoot then pass button to fake out your opponents when attempting to score. 

- timed finishing: press shoot button again when the markers in your gauge are in the middle for a better shot.

2. reposition your player when there is something blocked you, or pass the ball instead of shooting.

3. master the control and use the fifa trainer when you apply timed finishing.

here is a example shows you how to get a position from where you can't shoot the ball, you are closed in by the defender to position from where you can do a dangerous shot and you can also score, all you have to do is move the left out of the movement and look exactly, your player will do a small pirouette and then get into the empty space shoot the ball and score the goal.

ii. fifa 19 passing guide

passing seems easy in fifa 19 but various passing plays great role in gameplay.

- one-touch passing: tap the x or a button correctly to beat any opposition, don't need to power up.

- one two passes: tap the pass button while holding l1 or lb and the passer will make a run forward, send a pass or a through ball forward and splitting apart defenses when your striker or a winger is much faster than the enemy’s defense.

- driven passes: hold down rb or r1 while you press the pass button when you want to accurately get the ball from the wings to the center and your player is not marked or you want to build counter attacks.

the second scenario we will analyze important passes in the whole game opens up defenses and it is all about timing, you can do it and go one-on-one with the goalkeeper even if you don't have the fastest striker because it's all about timing and this is when you should start loading the through ball pass button, that's the intensity of the pass button and that's when you should release the pass button when 1-2 meters before the defender.

loading the pass button:

releasing the pass button:

iii. fifa 19 tip and tricks for one-on-one situation

the last example is one of the most important fifa 19 pro players tactics, it is regarding the one-on-ones and especially those situations when you break out on a counter-attack, you get into a one-on-one position but you are flanked by defenders, you can't run and the shot you can't stop and shoot because the opponent will catch you or you're too far away from the goal, look for the sake complainer try to play it with the second player, draw the defenders in one area of the pitch and then play a through ball or a pass to the second man, this might look easy but it is not, make always sure to look left and right of your player, to use the player run in order to  play a pass to your empty teammate in this kind of scenarios.

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