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FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder - 100K/300K/500K Cheap Hybrid Overpowered FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

TAG: Hot FIFA 19 Squad Builder 11/9/2018 12:11:42 PM

Ultimate Team is a very important part in FIFA 19, and Squads Builder plays a great role in Ultimate Team mode, if you want to get the rewards, challenges need to be completed by building your own team according to the requirements. In addition, a good starter squad will make you unstoppable on the match pitch and get more wins at the beginning of the game. In this FIFA 19 Tutorial, we'll introduce 3 different hybrid squad, respectively 100K, 300K, 500K, they are all cheap but overpowered.


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I. 100 Chemistry Overpowered Hybrid FIFA 19 Squad Builder 100K

This is a hybrid team from 3 leagues including Premier League, Serie A, and Bundesliga with 100 chemistry and 82 overall rating for the 4-3-2-1 formation. The reference price on different platforms respectively about: PS4 is110K; Xbox One is 100K; PC is 140K.

LENO: goalkeeper, a very solid and safe option, only about 3K, he is very cheap and affordable with good stats.

KARSDORP: right back, he is overpowered in the game with pretty height, pace, and decent physicality.

MANOLAS: center back, very frequently used in different kinds of squads, because he is incredibly worthy for money, great defending stats make him one of the best choices for center back.

SOKRATIS: center back, also a good defender with decent physicality stats and cheap about 4K.

MENDY: left back, pretty fast, a good attacker.

ALLAN: center midfielder, another frequently used player, 1.2K price with pretty good stats, 81 dribbling, 82 defending and 80 physicalities.

GORETZKA: center midfielder, very fast with great dribbling and passing technique.

TOLISSO: center midfielder on the left position, very balanced stats with no big shortcoming.

COMAN: left forward, super fast with 94 pace and five-star skill moves, just need 2.1K.

JOSE CALLEJON: right forward, great pace (88) and good dribbling (83).

MERTENS: striker, the highest rating player in the team, also most expensive, 89 rated pace and 90 dribbling are fantastic, shooting technique is also great especially for the 87 att. position and 86 finishing stats.



II. Unstoppable Hybrid FIFA 19 Squad Builder 300K

The hybrid team is from 3 leagues and 6 clubs with 99 chemistry and 85 team rating for 4-3-3(2) lineup. The reference price on different platforms respectively about: PS4 is 250K; Xbox One is 250K; PC is 300K.

PERIN: goalkeeper, one of most overpowered goalkeepers, 84 rated only about 2.7K. Great reflexes and handling.

TRIPPIER: right back, good passing and crossing can be a good attacking fullback, very cheap with 1.7K.

KOULIBALY: center back, one of the best selling backs in the game, pretty good defending stats (88) and physicality (86).

MIRANDA: center back, also a very good defender only about 9.2K.

ALEX TELLES: left back, pretty good stats with no weakness, great pace, and passing.

HAMSIK: center defend midfielder, also good overall stats, fantastic dribbling and passing technique, good choice on the midfielder position.

DEMBELE: center midfielder, completely filled with pretty dribbling and good physicality.

STERLING: right wing, super fast with 93 pace and decent dribbling technique, finishing in the game is also good.

INSIGNE: left wing, high overall (88), super fast with excellent dribbling and good passing.

KANE: striker, 89 overall, also the most expensive player in the team, about 120K, very fantastic shooting technique and great stamina, strength.



III. Best Hybrid FIFA 19 Squad Builder 500K

This hybrid team is from 3 leagues and 7 clubs with 100 chemistry and 85 overall rating for 4-2-3-1(2) formation. The reference price on different platforms respectively about: PS4 is 460K; Xbox One is 400K; PC is 590K.

BUFFON: goalkeeper, great diving, handling, and position. price on PS4 is about 39.5K, on Xbox One is about 36.75K, on PC is about 47K.

CARVAJAL: right back, one of the best attacking fullbacks in the game, and has good defending stats at the same time.

THIAGO SILVA: center back, 88 defending is pretty good. Great jumping and interceptions.

KIMPEMBE: center back, overpowered defender and very cheap, only about 4.6K.

KONDOGBIA: center defend midfielder, strong defender with great stamina (85) and strength (91).

KROOS: center defends midfielder, very high overall (90), five-star weak foot. Great passing and long shots skill.

ISCO: center attack midfielder, a good creative midfielder with excellent dribbling and good passing.

MARTIAL: left midfielder, great pace, and shot power, good dribbling and curve.

GRIEZMANN: striker, the most expensive player on the team, about 250K but worthy investment, he has 90 agility, 90 reactions, 91 positioning, 92 finishing, and 90 jumping stats.



That will be all about the 3 FIFA 19 squads builder of different prices, if you don't have enough players for one league, you can choose the hybrid squad, but please notice that the price is based on 9 November 2018. The price of players will fluctuate due to many factors, such as the player's real-life performance, player's demand changed and more. You should take this into consideration. You can according to yourself to complete the team of different prices. If you have enough FIFA 19 coins, you can build 500K or higher value squad and if you don't have many FIFA coins, maybe the 100K squad is a better choice for you. The team is cheap but very powerful.


If you want to build your own characteristic ultimate team from specified league, please head over There are many solid and overpowered team has been built by other users and you can get the team information in detail. More FIFA 19 tutorial and cheap FIFA 19 coins are providing as well.


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