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Fifa 19 Fut Champions - How To Hit Top 100 Easily In Fifa 19 Weekend League Fut Champions

11/9/2018 4:35:27 PM

as we know, in the fifa 19 fut champions leaderboard, the rank is higher or the more games you win, the rewards are better, which means you have more opportunities to get the best player pick pack, amounts of fifa coins and fut champion points. in this fifa 19 tutorial, we'll talk about how to get more wins in the weekend league and become the top 100 players in fifa 19 fut champions. and i'll introduce from formation, squad, tactic, and instruction.

formation and team

we used the 4-3-3 formation and the following is the fifa 19 squad.

chemistry: 94

rating: 88

total price on ps4: 1.3m coins

total price on xbox one: 1.2m coins

total price on pc: 1.65m coins


so starting from the goalkeeper, courtois, cost about 86k fifa 19 coins, the 88 rated reaction and 87 dribbling led him to the top of the world goalkeepers.

marcelo, cost about 133k coins, he is informing forward all the time

blanc, this is one incredible defender, cost about 810k coins

sergio ramos, best icon center back in the game, cost about 206k coins

kimmich, right back, he's very good on the ball but if you look at the team of players you'd say probably one of the weakest links, but at this point in the game he's holding his own and he gets that perfect link to the champions league, goretzka, cost about 16.25k.

goretzka, who is an absolute animal placed flat sentiment for me, a very good return from sentiment, cost about 82k.

modric, as well creativity, as well alongside correct, cost about 95k.

casemiro, awesome always, he's about breaking up that line, he wins everything, 6- foot-1, 88 jumping, incredible interception, cost about 46k.

fekir, the camera of the team in the game which is actually the champions league now he is incredible, his normal 85 card which is just his base card sells for about 20k and it has 90 composure, absolutely incredible value of highly recommend picking him up just an incredible player, cost about 110k.

mbappe, now to the right wing, really good player, it's hard to score but mbappe is incredible as well and then the prized possession of the team, cost about 469k.

neymar, left wing, 71 games 66 goals and 12 assists, absolutely incredible, cost about 615k.

tactics and instructions

let's have a quick look at the custom tactics.


it is recommended the defensive style is pressure on heavy touch, these tactics aren't necessarily guaranteed your success, it depends on how you like playing. width should be 3 and depth should be 4, offensive style we have balanced, the width should be 7, players in box should be 5, corners and free kicks are both 3.

then we'll have a look at the instructions.


it is the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow lineup. first two strikers are getting behind and stay forward on, fekir, the camera, stay forward and get into the backs of crosses and then casemiro stay back while attacking cover center and then cover center on the two sentiments as well.

that will be all about the fifa 19 weekend league fut champions tips, hope it helpful to you, you should be a fifa player has certain in-game experience. more cheap and overpowered squad or top formations and tactics of fifa 19, please focus on


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