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Fifa 19 Top 3 Formations Tactics - Best Lineup With Unstoppable Fut Squad Builder

TAG: Hot FIFA 19 Squad Builder 11/1/2018 1:00:36 PM

we have talked about many tactics and instruction of formations and squad in fifa 19 ultimate team before, today i'll introduce the top 3 best formations in fifa 19 with the recommendation squad that is unstoppable or cheap.

i. 4-3-3(4) lineup

4-3-3(4) formation review and tactics

let's get started with one of the most popular fifa 19 formation 4-3-3(4), this is an attacking variation of the 4-3-3 formation. it allows you to have more space and time on the ball and apply the high pressure to your opponents when you lose your possession of the ball.

what're the best tactics with 4-3-3(4) formation?  starting off with the defense, defensive style should be pressure on heavy touch, if you don't like to use a pressure you can go with balanced, the width should be like five or six, and depth should be five or six because this is an attacking formation. moving on into offense, offensive style should be balanced, balanced is very good for the counter-attacks possession and longboard, width needs to be 5, and players in box should be 7 because you need more players to stay back, corners and free kicks should be 3 because you need have two players at the back.



here is a video about the details of 4-3-3(4) formation tactics and player instruction.

perfect linked unbeatable 4-3-3(4) squad with neymar, modric

this is a perfect linked fifa 19 squad builder with 100 chemistry and 88 team rating for  4-3-3(4) formation. there are many excellent players on the team and they got a perfect link.

left wing: neymar, one of the best left winger, he has scored almost in every match and a 92 rated pace and 95 rated dribbling, which means he can get rid of defense with excellent possession of the ball with super fast speed and fantastic dribbling technique.

center midfielder, modric, who is ranked fourth in fifa 19 player rating, had an excellent performance in this year's world cup, he can be competent in any position of midfield, 90 rated passing and 91 rated dribbling makes him the best attacker in the offensive position. in addition, he has a perfect long shot technique, which makes defensive players feels pressure.

center back, sergio ramos, is regarded as the most capable center back in the football world. ramos has a 91 rated defending, which is reflected in his excellent defense, perfect interception. not only a defensive player, but ramos also has advanced attacking ability. he has scored countless times in front corner with his header.


ii. 4-4-2 lineup

4-4-2 formation review and tactics

a classic formation in fifa 19, whether you're using the standard 4-4-2 or the defensive variation 4-2-2-2 or 4-2-4, you can create attacking opportunities when you got the opponents overlapping, but in the center position of midfielder, there may a lot of space the opponents can get inside, you should pay attention to that.

let us take a look at the custom tactics of 4-4-2 formation. firstly, begin with defense, the defensive style is recommended balanced, the width should be 6 and depth should be 3, then for offense, the offensive style is best for balanced, too. it will allow your players not only can make runs to get in behind but also allows you to work our player. the width should be 3 and players in box only need 2, corners should be 4 and free kick recommended 2 to avoid getting countered.


overpowered serie a cheap squad under 25k for 4-4-2 formation

this is an overpowered fifa 19 serie a team with 100 chemistry and 80 overall rating but very cheap. the price of each player is under 5k and all of them have a rating between 78-82.

center back: marcano, the price is about 1.2k, 82 rating, he is tall, although the pace rating is 68 he has fantastic defending stats and 91 jumping, +15 acceleration and +10 sprint speed with the shadow.

right back: hysaj, who is about 0.75k, a solid player with 4-star weak foot, we can give him anchor to improve pace, defending and physicality.

center defend midfielder: parolo, about 0.8k and has 82 rating, cheap but good, all stats around 75 except pace, we can give him engine to improve his pace.

striker: zaza, about 0.85k, powerful striker with 88 strength, 90 aggression and jumping, we can give him hawk to improve pace.


iii. 4-3-2-1 lineup

4-3-2-1 formation review and tactics

if you want to get success in the ultimate team or you want to make the potential of  4-3-2-1 lineup to maximum, or you want to attack people with fake shot or taking finesse shots or using many throwing balls, this formation is very effective for you.

similarly, we'll introduce the tactic of 4-3-2-1 formation from the defence, the best defensive style is balanced at first, the width and depth should be 4. the offensive style is also recommended balanced with the 6 bar width. players in box should be 7, this is important because it will determine the number of your players in the penalty box and you can break down the defensive line more easily when you attacking. finally, corners and free kicks are both 3.


unstoppable hybrid squad with neymar, mbappe for 4-3-2-1 formation

this is an unstoppable fifa 19 squad builder with 97 chemistry and 88 team rating, there are lots of top players like neymar, mbappe, courtois, marcelo, cavani and more.

neymar, as the left forward, his ability is not needed to be narrated again, especially his pace and dribbling, make him become the best choice of left wing or left forward in most teams.

courtois, the goalkeeper, he is also a frequently-used player, has excellent handling rating(91) and diving rating(87). the 88-rated reaction and 87-rated dribbling put him at the top of the world as a goalkeeper.

marcelo, the left back, in today's football world, he is arguably the best-skilled full-back with the strongest talent. how to break through his defense is a big headache for his opponents. he has 90 rated dribbling, is the fastest player except for the attacking player. 81 rated defense and 82 rated physicality can break the opponent's side attack in the cradle.


the above is all about the fifa 19 top 3 formations reviews and best tactics and recommended squad for the lineup. more fifa 19 tips and tricks or cheapest fifa coins please follow

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