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FIFA 21 Best Squad Builder - Top 3 Overpowered Starter Squad In FIFA 21

12/29/2020 11:57:30 AM

This is a Christmas special tutorial, intended for those of you who may have just picked up FIFA 21 for Christmas, and are thinking of heading into FIFA ultimate team. what we'll be doing in today's tutorial is showing you three squads that you can potentially build to go into squad battles games, FUT champions games, and division rivals games. so hopefully you do enjoy this tutorial. And even if you have FIFA for a couple of months, these could be some decent squads that you could potentially use. Anyway, let's not waste any more time and get into it, because some of these teams look absolutely fantastic! 

what formations are the best to use in FIFA 21? what really does seem to matter to you? If you are new to the game, those are the questions that you need to think about, we want to give you the top ideas of what to use in FIFA 21.

Up first is the cheapest team out of the bunch, it's 12000 coins on Xbox and 10000 on the Playstation. And probably even cheaper during the holidays. we've got Dean Henderson in goal, Kenny Tete, Dendoncker, Tomori, and Williams. once you've used Tomori, there aren't many better center backs on the game. he's so useful for objectives. he'll help you in division rivals, and he'll definitely help you if you are playing squad battles. he's got 80 pace and he feels absolutely brilliant. the midfield we've gone for Barkley, Madison, and Mount. you could argue this team probably does lack a defensive midfielder. and if you feel like you may be lack a defensive midfielder or a defensive presence in this team. We would recommend the likes of Calvin Phillips, he is a solid option as well for a defensive option. but if we look at the non-English options, obviously you want to aspire to get the likes of Kante. But in this case, Fred is the cheapest option. he bumps the price up to 13000 coins. but these types of squads, once you've opened your welcome backpacks or the SBC packs, you should easily be able to afford a team like this. and what's great about the premier league is that it's easy to upgrade. And about the formation side of things, you can play either a 4-3-2-1 or the 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

The 2nd squad is a premier league team with a couple of upgrades, it's twice the price of the first one. so go for Nick Pope, arguably one of the most broken goalkeepers this year. James, Sanchez, Ake, and Reguilon are truly a bargain backline. James, Madison, Fred, and Allan, the perfect midfield. because you've got two very strong defensive players and you've got James Madison, who is a fantastic cam on this game. And five-star skill moves in Zaha, four-star skill moves in Rodrigo, he can put the ball in the back of the net, he is absolutely a brilliant option for a striker in this game. Again, formation wise, this one's a bit different, it’s best to use a 4-2-3-1 formation, Rodrigo as a striker, Zaha, Adama, Madison in behind the backline. this team can easily get gold one in FUT champions.

The final team’s cost is 40000 coins. it is absolutely amazing! In goal, Neto. Lala, Kounde, Diego, and Lodi as the defensive line are solid. Diego Carlos is available for a very cheap price. Felix is amazing, and Fekir is the same. Ronaldo Sanchez, if you can afford him, go for this card, he is fantastic. Gelson Martins, Ben Yedder, and Dembélé. Martins are used in every objective team, because he's a low rating, four five star skill moves, got the weak foot, dribbling fantastic. he's just a fantastic player and he links to Ben Yedder. Ben Yedder if you know anything about Ben Yedder, he is brilliant in FIFA, so tricky and same for Dembele. 

Those are the three options for the Starter team, you could start off with the 13000 coins squad and make your way up. play some squad battles, division rivals, get your placement coins. so the options are limitless and make adjustments suits you accordingly.

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