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  1. 03
    ultimate team is a very important part in fifa 19, and squads builder plays a great role in ultimate team mode, if you want to get the rewards, challenges need to be completed by building your own tea...
  2. 13
    marcelo wants to leave real madrid and to be reunited with cristiano ronaldo, there is also news about alexandra going to manchester, i'll talk about the new confirmed transfers and rumours of fif...
  3. fifa 19 best player in each position
    every fifa 19 gamer wants to build his own best team consists of the strongest players to have a great performance in the matches. who is the best player for each different position? i'll introduc...
  4. fifa 19 300k serie a squad
    here is a highly rated and an overpowered squad from fifa 19 serie a costs only 300k, it features some great players with 4-3-3(2) formation, let's see the squad below:the fifa 19 serie a team 300...
  5. fifa 19 squad 50k
    the following is a fifa 19 squad 50k with 4-3-2-1 formation.the fifa 19 squad is completed by fifaah squad builder. it totally costs under 50k and gets 99 chemistry and 50 rating. the following is the...
  6. 02
    the following is a fifa 19 squad costs around 100k with the 4-3-3(4) formation.we can see the fifa 19 100k squad completed by the fifaah squad builder. finally, we get 99 chemistry and 50 rating. play...
  7. fifa 19 squads 04
    champions league has been a feature of fifa 19, it makes the game more authentic and attracts more football fans. to most players, build an overpowered fifa 19 ultimate team squad is the key to the ga...
  8. fifa-19-starter-squad-50000-coins
    fifa 19 ultimate team has started and everyone is hunting for cheap teams. we introduce you to cheap overpowered starter teams that you can buy with few fifa 19 coins.not everyone wants to invest real...
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