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Fifa 19 Squad 50K-Cheap Hybrid Unstoppable Squad Builder In Fifa 19

TAG: Hot FIFA 19 Squad Builder 10/20/2018 2:05:03 PM

the following is a fifa 19 squad 50k with 4-3-2-1 formation.

the fifa 19 squad is completed by fifaah squad builder. it totally costs under 50k and gets 99 chemistry and 50 rating. the following is the players on each position and the details.

gk: hradecky
this card is good with 88 reflexes, which is a key stat to the team, costs about 1.8k.

cb: tah
he is really tall six-foot-four and can do many headers, costs only about 2.5k.

cb: toprak
one of the best center backs in bundesliga, he is quick because of 84 sprint speed, costs about 1.4k.

lb: wendell
lb can be seen as a window of a team. with 86 pace, 87 aggression, he can intercept quite a lot of balls and make a good defense, costs about 0.7k.

rb: weiser
a solid player. he's not the most physical right back but very good at attacking, costs about 0.7k.

cm: witsel
he is well-rounded, and physical is 82, costs 3.1k.

cm: paulinho
the most expensive player of this squad but he is worth those coins. he has 92 stamina, one of the best fifa 19 midfielder, costs about 20k.

cm: anderson talisca
nice shooting and dribbling stats, and he's six-foot-three, costs about 3.7k.

lf: carrasco
he's kind of hard to link with other players as his 88 pace and cheap in the market, costs about 1.6k.

st: alex teixeira
he has 91 pace, costs about 0.7k.

rf: lucas
a new player, who has 94 pace and really quick.


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