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Best Players In Fifa 19 - Top 3 Overpowered Players In Each Position Of Fifa 19 Ultimate Team

TAG: Hot FIFA 19 Squad Builder 10/26/2018 6:08:35 PM

every fifa 19 gamer wants to build his own best team consists of the strongest players to have a great performance in the matches. who is the best player for each different position? i'll introduce top 3 overpowered players in each position with their rating and price, they may either cheap or expensive, and a squad builder from these players as a reference.


best players in each position of fifa 19 team

goalkeeper ( gk )

courtois: 90 overall rating, the price is about 116k, six-foot player, he is fast and has great shooting, dribbling and physicality stats.

neto:86 overall rating, about 45k, very fast, balanced skill rating except defending.

szczesny: 84 overall rating, amazing reflexes, about 1.7k, much cheaper than courtois and neto but also has good dribbling, physicality and pace stats.


right center back ( rcb )

ferdinand: 90 overall rating, about 1.34m, expensive but super fast, great offensively and he can do a great job into builder play.

manolas: 85 overall rating, about 22.75k, he is often used in fifa 19 squad, fast and good at defending.

bailly: 82 overall rating, about 6.7k.


left center back ( lcb )

varane: 86 overall rating, about 275k, not cheap, his pace is incredible and great on the ground.

boateng: 86 overall rating, about 106k, good defender with 81 interceptions and great tackles. advanced strength.

kimpembe: 83 overall rating, about 5.7k, very cheap, also good at defending.


right back ( rb )

walker: 84 overall rating, about 108k, not cheap but super fast, has 93 sprint speed.

de marcos: 82 overall rating, about 21k, decent physical and fast.

karsdorp: 76 overall rating, about 1.2k, so cheap but has 87 paces.


left back ( lb )

roberto carlos: 91 overall rating, about 1.45m, expensive with all advanced rating. 97 shot power, 93 acceleration, 93 interceptions, and 94 stamina.

alex sandro: 86 overall rating, about 172k, also great stamina

roussillon: 78 overall rating, about 1.3k, so much cheap and fast.


center defensive midfielder ( cdm )

kante: 89 overall rating, about 447k, he has 92 interceptions, 91 standing tackle, and 96 stamina.

casemiro: 88 overall rating, about 62k, good at defending and great physicality.

party: 82 overall rating, about 1k, very cheap but a perfect cdm, he has all physicality defensive skills and great passing accuracy, also fast.


right center midfielder ( rcm )

vieira: 86 overall rating, about 1.65m, very expensive, no weak skills, 90 reactions, 90 interceptions, 91 strength, and 93 aggression.

gullit: 86 overall rating, about 1.3m, also expensive, the average rating is higher than 80.

goretzka: 83 overall rating, about 7.8k, cheap and good.


left center midfielder ( lcm )

pogba: 88 overall rating, about 556k, great ball control, and long passing technique and strong shot power.

seedorf: 85 overall rating, about 955k, more expensive, but he is a legendary player.

fred: 82 overall rating, about 8k, he has amazing long shots.


center attack midfielder ( cam )

maradona: 91 overall rating, about 1.72m, expensive with fantastic pace and dribbling.

hulk: 84 overall rating, about 244k, great physicality, and shooting.

anderson talisca: 84 overall rating, about 62k, good shooting, passing and dribbling skill.


left wing ( lw )

neymar jr: 92 overall rating, about 686k, a famous football player, his pace and dribbling stats are very fantastic, 92 paces and 95 dribbling.

stoichkov: 90 overall rating, about 1.23m, more expensive than neymar, pace, dribbling and shooting all reach 90.

promes: 83 overall rating, about 9.7k, much cheaper than other two left wings, he is also super fast but weaker at defending.


right wing ( rw )

mbappe: 87 overall rating, about 535k, very young but has been a superstar, the fastest player in fifa 19.

willian: 84 overall rating, about 30k, fast and the shooting and passing are better than dembele

dembele: 82 overall rating, about 1.1k, very cheap, playing for barcelona, had amazing agility and great on the ball.


center forward ( cf )

cruyff: 89 overall rating, about 2.02m, so expensive, experienced player with great pace and dribbling stats that both reach 92.

gomez: 84 overall rating, about 3.5k, cheap and super fast.

zaha: 82 overall rating, about 1k, cheapest and has 91 paces but not good at defending.


striker ( st )

ronaldo: 94 overall rating, about 2.24m, a fantastic player that be famous all over the world, very strong comprehensive ability.

gabriel jesus: 83 overall rating, about 39.75k. fast and great dribbling.

depay: 83 overall rating, about 2.5k, very cheap but he can destroy the defensive line.


fifa 19 hybrid squad consists of best players

the following team is a fifa 19 hybrid squad that consists of some of the above best players. it has high chemistry and overall rating.


the above will be all about the best player in each position in fifa 19 ultimate team. there are 3 players listed for each position stands for the top 3 overpowered players generally, the higher the overall rating, the more expensive the player. of course, it's not definite. you can buy the players according to the position and how many fifa 19 coins you have. for more cheap fut coins, please head over


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