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Fifa 19 Corner Kick Tutorial - New Overpowered Technique To Score Goal From Corner Kicks

11/8/2018 4:18:52 PM

most players have ever done corner kicks near post or manually moving the striker, this is useful to score goals but exists randomness as well. in this fifa 19 tutorial, i'll talk about new overpowered corner kick technique to score goals.


how to perform fifa 19 new corner kick technique? - most effective way to score goal

the first step, call the second player by pressing the r1 on your PS or rb on your xbox when you have passed the ball to your teammate.


the second step, do a driven past towards the free teammates on the edge of the box by holding r1 or rb on your controller and press the x button after the ball reaches your teammate at the edge of the box.


the third step, check the other players positions see which of your teammates in the box is in the best position to score a goal and make a pass to him after doing that.

you can do a first touch time finesse shot which is extremely effective or stop the ball and afterward do a finesse shot, this is all depending on the receiver's position, if you do not have the player in a position from which he can do a pass directly, you can use a skill move like the drag back in order to get in the right position and afterward shoot the ball.

the technique is actually very simple but effective, overall, you call the second player, afterward the player do a driven pass to your teammate at the edge of the box, then scan the surroundings of the box and find an teammate in a shooting position,  pass to him, if he is not, do a first touch shot or a dribbling in order to get into a shooting position. when you are at the edge of the box, you can also do one to three more passes but first touch passes are important in order to give the opponent no time to react.

fifa 19 manual corner kick tutorial - score like a pro

there is also a manual corner kick which is overpowered you can master. you only need to use r1 on your PS or rb on your xbox to call the second player near at the corner kick, the corner kick taker is right-footed player on the left side and the left-footed player on the right side due to the curve, after that, select the player in the box, press l1 on your PS, if you press l1 multiple times it will swap between different receivers, after you have done this you will have to manually put the direction to the target of your cross exactly and press the crossing button at around two and a half three bars after you've done that and move the player.

you will have to move the receiver towards the area from where you have selected the target in order to release the corner kick, press one more time the crossing button and make sure your player that takes the corner kick to be in a particular position, that's an area where generally the goalkeeper by default cannot go there and defend it.

that will be all about the fifa 19 new unstoppable corner kick technique to score goal most effectively and the overpowered manual corner kick. there are also lots of other tutorials for shooting, such as score from closed angles, free kick control, first touch, and more. if you need cheapest fifa 19 coins to create your own ultimate team or completing the ucl 81+ upgrade, marquee matchups or other sbc that coming to end, please head over

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