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Fifa 19 Special Shooting Technique - Tips And Tricks For How To Score From Closed Angles

10/29/2018 11:09:23 AM

in this fifa 19 tutorial, we'll talk about the special shooting technique that near the post, or how to score from the closed angles effectively. there are two techniques we'll introduce: outside foot shot and power shot near the post.

the near post outside foot shot
the finesse shots are overpowered in fifa 19, to execute this technique, all you need to do is that aim at the same direction you are walking with the player or running with the player and be careful at the same time, press and hold r1 on your PS or rb on your xbox and load the power bar at one and a half , max to two bars, try to use it only from the angles presented in this scenario, because this player is a left-footed player on the right side of the field, he can do the outside foot shot near post and scores almost every time. if the player is a right-footed on the right side of the pitch he will do a normal finesse shot at the near post.

power shot technique
the ratio and efficiency of finishing shots are the most attributes in the game and you need to search for the angles. the power shot technique can be applied when the angle to the far post or the direction towards the far post, the finesse shot is being closed by the opponent. if the angle is closed and you are going to do a power shot near the post, you should do that with the left foot when you on the right side of the field or with the right foot of your player when you are on the left side.

next, you need to do is aim at the near post and load the power bar at around two and a half, then it will go like a bullet. this technique will increase the chances of scoring goals because the opponents will put their energy on how to close the angle at the far post or close the gaps for a pass.

that will be all about the tips and tricks i want to tell you for how to score from the closed angles, more shooting tutorials are on, there are also many overpowered cheap fifa 19 squad  and fifa coins for the game, please pay attention to us constantly.

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