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Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Player Rating: 86 Sanchez/83 Naldo/81 Payet

7/19/2015 9:18:11 PM

fifa 16 is a online football game tightly with real world of football. every year, the changed in the world of football will appear in the fifa series games. the performance of player in the reality will affect the data of players in fut. therefore, during the annual summer and winter transfer market, we will evaluate the ability of players so that to adjust players rating in fifa 16. today, we will analysis the player rating of 86 sanchez/83 naldo/81 payet in fifa 16 ultimate team.


sanchez with him personal ability to help aresnal get more scores. transfered from barcelona to arsenal, he success into the key figure in the team. the stable performance and attendance make his personal level has improved. i have already thought out the offensive combination in fifa 16, hazard+aguero(cousta)+sanchez will become the popular offensive combination in fut 16 premier league. as for his performance in tha passed season, sanchez player rating would beyond our prediction.



it is hard to believe that naldo has 33 years old. whether you believe it or not, as a 33 years pld brazilian defender,he ie more excellent in the team than thiago silva and david luiz. in the offensive and defensive side, naldo very successfully to help them. fifa will decrease the rating based on the player's age. while, naldo 's player card is the top 1 in bundesliga. pac +1,dri +1,sho +2,pas +1,def +2,phy +4 just the prediction rating for him, but i think he would acquire the higher rating in fifa 16 ultimate team.



as the best attacking midfielder player in french league, he successfully joined the premier league. in fifa 15, his personal ability is not so amazing, i supposed he would be the cost-effective attacking midfielder in fifa 16 and he will successfully help west ham to creat a good result!

no matter you need to build a dream fifa 16 ultimate team or the affordable team, our fifa 16 player rating prediction would help you know more this player. when you want to have a amazing team in fifa 16, you can choose to open package to get better hazard+aguero+sabcgez, or you can buy cheap fifa 16 coins to bid them in transfer market.

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