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Fifa 19 Hybrid Squad Builder - 600K/700K/800K Best Overpowered Hybrid Fifa 19 Ultimate Team

11/29/2018 4:05:46 PM

do you want to build a squad featured a certain player you like? do you want to own an overpowered and unstoppable team but won't cost too many fifa coins? in this tutorial, i'll introduce 3 kinds of fifa 19 hybrid squads builder of different price, around 600k, 700k, and 800k. please note that the price of each player will change as many attributes every day, so the total cost may differ from the ones listed in the article a little but not much.

ralated readfifa 19 best overpowered hybrid squad builder 200k/400k/600k

overpowered fifa 19 hybrid squad builder 600k featured 89 aguero

squad details:

formation/lineup: 4-3-3

clubs: manchester city, real madrid cf, fc schalke 04 and fc bayern munich

leagues: bundesliga, premier league, and la liga

rating: 86

chemistry: 100

price based on nov.29 on different platforms:
ps4 - 645k, xbox one - 557k

player instructions:

goalkeeper (gk): fahrmann, uefa champions league road to the final player, overpowered goalkeeper in this game, great reflexes (89) and positioning (85).

right back (rb): carvajal, good attacking full-back, 82 defending and 82 pace, 84 sprint speed and 84 stamina, one of the cheapest player, only about 7k.

center back (cb): naldo, definitely solid center back, very tall and good defender, not many standout stats but overall rating is high (86).

center back (cb): boateng, decent defending and physical stats.

left back (lb): alaba, have no big shortcoming, good comprehensive strength.

center midfielder (cm): isco, a great creative midfielder with fantastic dribbling technique, sensational driven in good passes and good shooting.

center midfielder (cm): casemiro, good defensive midfielder got really good credit and physicality.

center midfielder (cm): kroos, very nice passing and good dribbling skill.

left wing (lw): sane, super fast (95 pace), decent dribbling and shooting.

right wing (rw): mahrez, quality player, fast and fantastic dribbler, only about 18.5k.

striker (sk): aguero, 89 overall, pretty nice stats except defending, especially the shooting and dribbling, 92 att. position and 93 finishing, 90 composure and 91 balance, most expensive player in this team, about 227k.


incredible fifa 19 hybrid squad builder 700k featured 88 bale

squad details:

formation/lineup: 4-3-2-1

clubs: juventus, fc barcelona, real madrid cf, and manchester united.

leagues: serie a, la liga and premier league.

rating: 86

chemistry: 100

price based on nov.29 on different platforms:
ps4 - 765k, xbox one - 674k

player instructions:

goalkeeper (gk): perin, popular goalkeeper, uefa champions league rare player, excellent reflexes and great handling.

right back (rb): nelson semedo, super fast and incredibly cheap, only about 1.9k.

center back (cb): benatia, great defending and physical stats, 19.75k

center back (cb): bonucci, similar to benatia, good defender with 90 interceptions and cheap as well, about 18.75k.

left back (lb): jordi alba, super fast with 93 acceleration and 93 sprint speed. stamina also very standout (91).

center midfielder (cm): rakitic, 87 overall, solid midfielder with decent passing and dribbling technique.

center midfielder (cm): modric, 91 overall but not expensive, about 60k, pretty fantastic dribbling and passing, especially the short pass (93), agility (93) and balance (94).

center midfielder (cm): vidal, generally good stats except for the pace, high aggression (93).

left forward (lf): sanchez, great dribbling and shooting skill, four-star skill move.

right forward (rf): bale, 88 overall, excellent forward, most expensive player in this team, about 360k. he has pretty nice stats except defending, but heading accuracy is great (84), incredibly fast (95 pace), has 91 long shots and 92 short power.

striker (sk): lukaku, 87 overall, 94 strength, very powerful striker.


unstoppable fifa 19 hybrid squad builder 800k featured 87 mbappe

squad details:

formation/lineup: 4-5-1

clubs: juventus, real madrid cf, rc strasbourg alsace, fc barcelona, atl├ętico madrid, inter, paris saint-germain and napoli.

leagues: la liga, ligue 1 and serie a.

rating: 86

chemistry: 100

price based on nov.29 on different platforms:
ps4 - 888k, xbox one - 751k

player instructions:

goalkeeper (gk): navas, a standard good goalkeeper with 90 diving and 90 reflexes.

right back (rb): lala, totw 2 player, good crossing and in-game dribbling skill, fast and durable, worth to pick up.

center back (cb): umtiti, strong defensive player with decent defending and physical stats, difficult to break through, but not very cheap, about 80k.

center back (cb): godin, 90 overall, strong comprehensive ability, great defender with standout heading accuracy (92) and jumping (91).

left back (lb): filipe luis, good defender, has 84 stand tackle and 86 slide tackle.

center midfielder (cm): matuidi, general stats but has pretty nice stamina (94).

center attack midfielder (cam): nainggolan, similar to matuidi, high stamina (93) and moderate price. fantastic slide tackle (90).

center attack midfielder (cam): khedira, decent defending and physical stats, four-star weak foot, 87 reactions and 84 ball control, also very cheap, about 11k.

left midfielder (lm): coutinho, 88 overall, five-star skill moves and four-star weak foot, excellent dribbling stats (91) and great passing (86). his 93 long shot also very standout.

right midfielder (rm): mbappe, famous young football player, potential super star, incredibly fast, decent dribbling, most expensive player in this team, need about 400k now.

striker (sk): mertens, very fast and also has 93 acceleration, fantastic dribbling with 94 agility and 92 balance. good shooting technique.


these three hybrid builders all have perfect chemistry and high rating, including some top players, unstoppable and not very expensive, you can refer to them when you want to builder a stronger team not much costly. if you are more interested in cheaper hybrid fifa 19 squad builder, such as 100k, 300k or 500k, please head over fast to buy fifa 19 coins, you can enjoy 5% discount with ''f19" coupon code, get a number of coins with least money to establish your strongest ultimate team.

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