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Fifa 19 Flashback Pato Sbc - Cheapest Method To Complete Flashback Sbc & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 11/27/2018 12:02:35 PM

the player card of flashback pato is for celebrating his 2008/2009 season and his squad building challenges are available now, from the details of fifa 19 flashback pato sbc, such as the 88 rated card award and 85 or 84 team rating and totw player requirement, this sbc is not easy like fifa 19 82+ repeatable sbc and need to take about 200-250k fifa coins. in the following fifa 19 tutorial, i'll introduce the cheapest method to complete the fifa 19 flashback pato sbc and player review.

fifa 19 squad building challenges - fifa 19 flashback pato sbc

i rossoneri


min. milan players: 1
min. team of the week players: 1
min. team rating: 85
min. team chemistry: 80

number of players in the squad: 11


1 prime gold players pack



min. brazil players: 1
min. team of the week players: 1
min. team rating: 84
min. team chemistry: 80
number of players in the squad: 11


mega pack

complete the fifa 19 flashback alexandre pato sbcs with cheapest method

cheapest squad builder 150k for i rossoneri challenge

formation/lineup: 4-2-3-1

rating: 85

chemistry: 89

milan player: higuain

team of the week player: vela ( totw5 )

price based on nov. 27 on different platforms:
ps4 - 128.8k, xbox one - 132.4k, pc - 144.4k


cheapest squad builder under 100k for seleção challenge

formation/lineup: 4-3-3

rating: 84

chemistry: 83

brazil player: ederson

team of the week player: firpo ( totw9 )

price based on nov. 27 on different platforms:
ps4 - 78.7k, xbox one - 84.9k, pc - 85.1k


player review - fifa 19 flashback alexandre pato

let's get straight to his stats. he actually does have some really good looking at reviews, 88 overall rating, 89 positions, 90 finishing and 85 shot power in the shooting section, but the passing attributes were poor for an 88 rated card, he's dribbling look really good, 92 agility, 89 ball control, and 90 in-game dribbling. flashback pato also has some interesting physical attributes, he's got a really good jump with 89, 82 strength and 76 stamina anyway enough.


in actual matches he was pretty good, he felt noticeably quicker went on the ball, with fantastic dribbling technique, he can quickly get the ball possession, he fell agile and he was really easy to maneuver, his balance isn't great and can be knocked off the ball passing, i really wouldn't advise that you use this guy as a cam especially, if you have a passing play style, when it comes to scoring goals, his general finish in his career and his power shots are lethal. pato always shoot with his right foot and he wins a lot of headers his head inaccuracy is pretty good, so if you like to cross you'll enjoy that part of this game.

he is super fast with 89 pace and 89 sprint speed, but he would be slower to make runs physically. he doesn't just beat defenders for pace, he can beat them for strength too which is obviously a huge bonus. his stamina isn't fantastic there, so if you're starting with this guy, it's better to have a super sub ready on the bench. although his balance can be a bit of a negative at times, it's also a positive for he can be knocked to the floor easily and ended up a couple of penalties.

overall, this flashback pato card is pretty solid, he's a quick agile forward who can certainly cause problems for any opposition opponents, he's a poacher and inside the box he will get plenty of chances to finish, quick good on the ball and having enough strength to battle, the flashback pato worth picking up.

how many flashback cards have you got until now, there are basically get upgrades and worth to pick up with a cheap squad. more fifa 19 flashback sbcs please head over to, buy fifa 19 coins with the coupon code "f19", you can enjoy 5% discount.


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