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The Fut Coins Price Of Greatest Player Henry Shoot Up After Retired From Football

12/17/2014 5:47:57 PM

in fifa 15, players are much like henry’s speed, dribbling ability and positive movement. meanwhile, as the super start have more than 20 years experience in football, henry owns numerous fans. when he announced his retirement today, most of fifa 15 players start to collect his card. as a great football start, he has high collection value. as you can see, the price of henry in fifa ultimate team shoot up in one day! why are you hesitate? hurry up to take him away!

thierry henry was born in paris on aug.17, 1977 and he was the former france striker. in 1994, henry representative of morocco in professional football battle for the first time. since then, he began to write great epic of football career.

in the summer of 1999, henry move to arsenal create his brilliant career!during the 8 years play for arsenal, henry scored 226 goals in 369 appearances and complete 92 assists, who was known as the “king of highbury”. henry’s personal characteristic play very well in arsenal’s strategy and wing, his excellent speed and deft dribbling are the nightmare for all defender in premiership. his great performance in football career make him is considered one of the greatest player in arsenal!


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