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FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder - 200K/400K/600K Cheap Overpowered Custom FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

12/12/2018 3:16:31 PM

We have introduced the overpowered hybrid 100K/300K/500K and 600K/700K/800K squad before, today, FIFAAH.COM will introduce 3 kinds of different inexpensive custom FIFA 19 hybrid leagues Squad Builder, of which price is around 200K, 400K and 600K FUT coins. Please note that the cost is mainly based on PS4 and Xbox One, PC price usually is higher, and players price may differ each day because of lots of reasons especially the upcoming FUTmas. No matter you want to make an investment or build the squad, focus on the price and make the decision at a right time is are important.

Best Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 200K

Squad Builder/Team Generator Information

Formation/lineup: 4-2-3-1

Clubs: 7

Leagues: 3

Team Rating: 83

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 - 175K, Xbox One - 177K, PC - 232K

Player Instruction for Each Position - Why Should I Pick up Them?

GK - PERIN: One of most frequently used goalkeeper in cheap FIFA 19 squad building, because he has good stats but very cheap, 90 reflexes, 85 handling and very solid between the sticks and only cost 3.8K.

RB - FLORENZI: Great attacking full-back with decent pace and dribbling stats.

CB - MANOLAS: Overpowered central defender with 83 pace, also a popular player in FIFA 19 team building.

CB - KOULIBALY: 87 rated overall, an absolute monster in the game, top serious center back with pretty nice defending and physical stats.

LB - GHOULAM: UEFA Champions League card, he got pretty well-rounded balanced stats and incredibly cheap for 3.5K.

CDM - PAULINHO: He is a great box-to-box midfielder and definitely can do the defensive work well, decent and balanced stats, standout jumping (90) and stamina (92).

CDM - ALLAN: He is an absolute specialist and good defender with 95 stamina.

CAM - ANDERSON TALISCA: TOTW 2 card, good shooting, dribbling, and passing skill, especially the incredibly overpowered long shots got 91 rated, he will be a star player. The most expensive player in this team, about 40K.

CAM - ALEXANDRE PATO: TOTW 7 card, he is very fast and has good dribbling and shooting stats.

CAM - ROBERTO FIRMINO: 86 overall, fantastic dribbler, each in-game dribbling stat is green.

ST - GABRIEL JESUS: He is a very cheap and affordable striker can get the goals.

fifa 19 hybrid squad builder  01

Overpowered Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 400K Featured 87 Aubameyang

Squad Builder Information:

Formation/lineup: 4-1-2-1-2

Clubs: 5

Leagues: 4

Team Rating: 84

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 - 426K, Xbox One - 399K, PC - 513K

Player Instruction:

GK - BUFFON: He is a very solid goalkeeper to go between the states, decent stats, 90 positioning, 88 diving, and 87 handling.

RB - JOAO CANCELO: Fast and unstoppable fullback with good dribbling technique, only cost 2.5K, you are on a budget to choose him.

CB - CHIELLINI: He plays well in long siding with excellent defending stats, 93 stand tackle, and 88 interceptions. 

CB - KIMPEMBE: One of the best cheap and overpowered back and good partnership in FIFA 19, good defending and physical stats, 84 strength and 85 aggression, about 3.6K.

LB - HERNANDEZ: Solid defensive fullback with good pace and affordable price.

CDM - MATUIDI: He is an absolute specialist at cutting the passing lines which are winning the ball back for he got great energy and stamina, great value for money.

LM - MARTIAL:89 pace, 86 dribbling, 81 shooting, a good option for a left midfielder.

CAM - MKHITARYAN: 85 dribbling, 85 shot power, 81 volleys, five-star weak foot, and four-star skill moves, he can also offer you lots of goals and assists.

RM - CUADRADO: Fantastic pace and dribbling, five-star skill moves.

ST - LACAZETTE: He is an out-and-out goalscorer, 86 positioning and 86 finishing.

ST - AUBAMEYANG: The most expensive player in this team, need about 280K, he has got the PL POTM October, and the price of this gold card fluctuated as the SBC, when it comes to his stats, the 94 pace with 93 acceleration and 95 sprint speed are very standout and an absolute good striker.


Unstoppable Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 600K Featured 88 Bale, 89 Kane

Squad Builder Information:

Formation/lineup: 4-3-3(4)

Clubs: 4

Leagues: 3

Team Rating: 85

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 - 598K, Xbox One - 566K, PC - 721K

Player Instruction:

GK - SZCZESNY: UCL card, 88 reflexes, 86 diving, only need 12K, he is a dreadful guard.

RB - CARVAJAL: Great attacking fullback with ideal pace and endurance.

CB - BENATIA: He has pretty nice defending (87) and physical (85) stats,

CB - BONUCCI: Another Juventus center back, 87 defending and 80 physical.

LB - ROBERTSON: He is one of the best fullbacks in BPL, 84 pace and 87 stamina, much cheap for 1.3K.

CM - FABINHO: He is good at winning the ball back and got great defending and physical.

CAM - DEMBELE: A good box-to-box midfielder, standout dribbling, and strength.

CM - ISCO: Creative midfielder with excellent dribbling technique, 90 balance, 95 ball control, and 94 in-game dribbling.

RW - BALE: 388K on Xbox One, amounts of FIFA 19 coins on him but he is worth getting, as a forward, he is almost no weakness, 95 pace, 88 shooting, and 85 dribbling.

LW - SON: 86 pace, 85 shooting, he can definitely offer your some goals and assists.

ST - KANE: He is so clinical in front of the guard, 90 shooting with 93 positioning and 94 finishing, good value for the money.



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