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Fifa 19 Flashback Squad Builder - Flashback Fifa 19 Ultimate Team, Player Instruction & Custom Tactics

1/7/2019 4:25:00 PM

the fifa 19 flashback tevez sbc is going to the end, have you completed it and earn a 90 rated carlos tevez? there have been lots of flashback cards available in sbc for celebrating their special achievements and seasons, how many you picked? how will they perform if all the flashback players form a team? check out the fifa 19 flashback squad builder on, create your own special overpowered team!

high-rated fifa 19 flashback squad builder/flashback fifa 19 ultimate team

formation/lineup: 4-2-2-2

team rating: 88

chemistry: 78

price: the fifa 19 flashback and futmas card are untradeable on the transfer market and can't to buy with fifa 19 coins if you have not to get the all the flashback cards, you can replace them with another player, the ter stegen and pique cost about 178k.

player instruction for each position in fifa 19 flashback ultimate team

st - 87 hernandez: the medium/low work rate is arguably better than high/medium especially for strikers, as you can set them to get him behind via instructions, having lower defensive work rate is good because he has a low stamina 73, he won't track back so he wants that burns his stamina much very quickly. in addition, his pace and shooting stats are very decent.

st - 88 sturridge: he is also got the medium/low work rate, great card, a little low on balance but has fantastic shooting and pace, you can put a sniper chemistry style on him to boost the dribbling and shooting attributes better.

cam - 90 tevez: he is almost the best cheap flashback sbc card about 130k on ps4 and xbox one, great overall rating and nothing wrong with this card, amazing shooting, pace, dribbling and physical. put tevez on the cam position is because his short passing and vision are better than others.

cam - 88 alexandre pato: four-star skill moves is nice, good jumping and heading accuracy, well-rounded dribbling and shooting stats.

cdm - 87 boateng: good work rates and 6'1" height really nice for a center defend midfielder, four-star weak foot, he has balanced decent attributes.

cdm - 87 gotze: a quality card, it's not the best cdm with poor stamina and strength, but we don't have other options.

rb - 87 juanfran: the first and one of the best flashback sbc cards, high/medium work rate is great for a fullback, generally fantastic stats other than shooting.

rb - 90 dani alves: all-around great stats other than strength, really good passing and crossing, decent stamina and tackle, he can either score or defend.

cb - 88 boateng: futmas boateng card for the center back position.

cb - 89 pique: we ended up with the ucl pique and futmas boateng to get the better chemistry and link

gk - 89 ter stegen: he helps boateng and pique for chemistry and boost to 78.

custom tactics for hybrid fifa 19 flashback squad builder

defensive style: drop back

width: 5

depth: 2

offensive style: fast build up

width: 6

players in box: 2

corners: 2

free kicks: 3


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