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Fifa 19 Flashback Tevez Sbc - Cheapest Solution For Best Flashback Card Tevez Sbc & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 1/5/2019 11:14:55 AM

ea has revealed a brand new flashback card 90 rated carlos tevez for celebrating his 2007/2008 season, and the flashback tevez squad building challenges will expire after 2 days, have you done this challenge? will show you the cheapest fifa 19 sbc solutions for fifa 19 flashback tevez sbc and the player review for 90 rated flashback tevez.

fifa 19 new flashback card 90 carlos tevez squad building challenges

la albiceleste


min. 2 argentina players
min. team of the week players: 1
min. team rating: 83
min. team chemistry: 80
number of players in the squad: 11


1 mega pack

the red devils


min. 1 manchester united players
min. team rating: 85
min. team chemistry: 85
number of players in the squad: 11


1 prime gold players pack

cheapest solution to complete the fifa 19 flashback tevez sbc

cheapest fifa 19 squad builder 30k for flashback tevez la albiceleste challenge

formation/lineup: 4-1-3-2

team rating: 83

chemistry: 86

price based on fifaah jan.05 for different platforms:

ps4 - 28k, xbox one - 29k, pc - 33k

cheapest fifa 19 squad builder 100k for flashback tevez the red devils challenge

formation/lineup: 4-4-2

team rating: 85

chemistry: 86

price based on fifaah jan.05 for different platforms:

ps4 - 91k, xbox one - 90k, pc - 117k

fifa 19 player review: 90 rated fifa 19 flashback tevez review

the new 90 rated flashback carlos tevez card looks pretty nice, the minimum cost for fifa 19 flashback sbc tevez is around 120k fifa 19 coins, then does this is worth to do and how it performs in games? let's straight into the review.

flashback card tevez face value and attribute details. it looks fantastic, 88 pace, 92 shooting, 80 passing, 88 dribbling and 85 physical, those stats are incredible, as we know, before this, he only have a 78 rated regular card, but for this new card, he has 93 positioning 92 finishing, 99 shot power, the shooting stats looks absolutely fantastic, good short pass and vision, 70 long pass not ideal but it shouldn't be too much of an issue if he isn't going to be played as a cam, well-rounded dribbling attributes which are all green especially the 90 composure, not bad heading accuracy, good strength, and good stamina, he's got a freestyle weak foot which obviously isn't ideal but it's not the end of the well four star skill moves is pretty awesome, so overall it's an incredible card got some really freaking good attributes, it's fast dominant is not too bad at all.

fut 90 rated flashback tevez in-game performance. in the live games, he's on fire for the goal he just drifts into space and would pop up in and around the box right where you want him in matches which were awesome in front of goal, he is almost a goal-scoring machine with ridiculous shot power his cross shots are effective and finesse is a lethal, the general finishing inside the box is also just fantastic, he is so composed when taking off shots, and he's fun to dribble with because not only is he a good dribbler, he's also strong and has decent balance, so he's not easy to dispossessed off the ball when he's got the ball, and when he didn't have the ball he battles to keep possession. his high aggression is a big positive and 85 stamina was good enough rim to last four games, the only negatives for this card is a freestyle weak foot and not so great aerial ability, so you are limited to shoot him with his strong foot if you want to produce successful shots.

other than that this card was top class, it can be played as a striker, center forward, or a cam, you can use chemistry style make it as a completely attacking card or improve his defending techniques. although it is hard to get into teams and if you're still on the fence obviously, try the loan version of this card, additionally, the fifa 19 toty is coming out next week so not too many people will want to do this sbc and throw away a bunch of coins for them, it's good value for money of fifa 19 flashback tevez and worth getting, what's more, the price is a little lower than it was at first, it will be one of the best cheap flashback sbcs.


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