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Fifa 19 Secret Control And Special Moves You Should Know - Game Changing Tips In Fifa 19

11/2/2018 4:01:33 PM

fifa 19 changed a lot with some new features based on fifa 18, there is much secret control and moves hidden in the game, have you find that? there are such great additions this year to make the difference between winning and losing. mastering the common and secret controls and moves in fifa 19 is helpful for you to get the victory of the match and play in a higher rank and division in division rival or ultimate team champion leagues or other matches. more certain tutorial of fifa 19 please head over want to get an amount of fifa 19 coins to make an investment when black friday coming? start at now! to buy the cheap coins earlier and make an investment plan of black friday market crash, you can get the best player you want with the least money.

what are these controls and moves and how to do that?

1. manual pass

the manual pass is a new fantastic edition in fifa 19, if you want to play at a higher level, you need to play extremely fast and you will not have time to pinpoint a perfect passing but only assisted passing. now you have a special weapon to make your best and even more accurate manual passing pressing and holding down l1, r1 on your PS or rb, lb on your xbox one controller and loading the pass button. this method will allow you to pinpoint a perfect manual pass instead of the ball going and direct it to a player position that in a better area of the penalty box.





2. goalkeeper thrower

we can know about that the goalkeeper thrower is kind of slower in fifa 19, but we can get a fix for that. just press r1 and the pass button on PS or rp and pass on xbox one, your throwing ball will go increase in speed and make it much more effective to start counter-attacks. when you execute this method, you need to load the pass button a bit longer in order for this kind of pass to not only have a power strength but also to cover a bigger distance. the first example is a normal throw with the goal for using the pass button, the second one is driven throw with the goalkeeper using.




3. moving the goalkeeper only to cover the second post

the third secret control just need you to press one time the right stick on your controller and check what the goalkeeper does and move a bit to cover the far post, then you can move the goalkeeper to cover slightly more to the second post and prepare for second both shot. this is extremely effective especially when you notice your opponent tended to shoot mainly at the far post, then you can fully control your goalkeeper at the moment. this trick we have introduced in detail in the goalkeeper tips.




4. build up faster attack with a faster long pass

press r1 or rb with the crossing button on your controller, then your long passing speed will boost and then you can build up your attack a lot faster. but if the trajectory to your player is not exactly clear, you know if you got out of players you should go with a normal long pass, because this driven pass is a bit lower and might be sometimes intercepted.


5. disguised first touch

this move is needed to press and hold r1 on your PS or rb on your xbox one and change the direction of your player, to the left or to the right depending on where you want to go. this tip mainly is used in the situation you've got the defender pressing you in the back end, you need to change the direction to shoot directly or assist your striker.

6. something about attacking

finally, i'll introduce two secret controls regarding attacking, you can send your player to run by pressing r1 or rb in the certain direction when your player is isolated and press and hold r1 on your PS or rb on your xbox one and then load the crossing button add between three and four bars, the ball just flies at your player and that just flies there and it's almost always a goal.

that will be about the secret control and special moves i want to talk about.


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