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Fifa 19 Goalkeeper Tips - How To Control Goalkeeper Online And Who's The Best Goalkeeper

11/1/2018 3:36:48 PM

goalkeeper plays a great role in each competition if fifa 19 because he needs to intercept the ball and prevent the opponents from scoring the goal. how to get full control of the goalkeeper to perform better? i'll introduce an easy and fantastic tip with 3 different operations to control the goalkeeper fully and manually in fifa 19 and the best goalkeeper you can use.


how to control the goalkeeper fully in fifa 19 ?

you just need to hold down the right stick, you can get the full control of goalkeeper and move around as much as possible. there are 3 situations i want to talk, and the operation of the different situation is not changed much, you need to pay attention to the little difference.


the first example, the opponent go for the far post, in order to defend this, we need to hold down the right stick until a clicking sound appears and then move it upwards to cover the far post. you can see the goalkeeper moves and save the ball easily.



the second situation, if the opponent in the best shooting position and prepared to do a finesse shot, there is a great possibility to score goals, to stop this, we just need to do is press down the right stick and move it downwards. the ball can be saved again.




this tip can also be used in set pieces. if there is the overpowered near post corner on the pitch, we should press down the right stick and moving it diagonally, forward to cover the near post space. it also works on free kicks. however, you need to notice the angle when you move the right stick to avoid over moving.



who is the best goalkeeper in fifa 19?

after mastering the goalkeeper tips, we need an excellent player to complete that perfectly. next, i'll introduce the top 3 fifa 19 goalkeepers you can use.

1. de gea

de gea, who is put on the first position of the top 20 goalkeepers by ea sports, had the fastest reaction (94) and excellent dribbling (90), which meant he could defuse all kinds of shots. 88 rated positioning allows him always stand in the best position to defend the opponent's attack. 87 rated kicking can play a significant role in defense counterattack.


2. neuer

neuer, he is at the top of all goalkeepers with 91 dribbling and 88 reflexes. the 91 kicking score allowed him to make a long-pass attack directly in the backcourt, his play like an extra guard on the court.


3. courtois

courtois,  moved to real madrid cf, one of the top 3 goalkeepers, 91 rated handling make him a solid player in this club and fantastic diving, reflexes, and positioning are all make him standout.


that will be all about the goalkeeper tips and execution methods, and the top 3 best goalkeepers in fifa 19. who's the best goalkeeper do you think? which player to choose is depending yourself, neuer is the cheapest among them, the most cost-effective fifa 19 coins of ps4, xbox, pc, and switch are on, you can consider that. want to know the best formation and squad or best players in fifa 19? most fifa 19 news will keep releasing.

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