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Fifa 18 Custom Tactics Guide - Fifa 18 Best Custom Tactic Setting For Attacking And Defensive

TAG: FIFA 18 Custom Tactics 10/3/2017 3:07:35 PM

after you select your formation and line up your team in fifa 18, you are going to start your game. but for scoring more goals and wining more, one more thing you can do to help your team to achieve, that's set up the suitable tactics for your team. tactics can often be the difference between winning or losing a game so it's hugely important that you get this right. in our fifa 18 tactic guide, we will help you choose and set the custom tactics basic your formation to help you win more games. 

fifa 18 tactics settings - best fifa 18 custom tactics settings 

there are three main areas of custom tactics which are: build-up play, chance creation and your defensive settings. you can set these sliders to whichever level you want depending how you want your team to play. you get to choose a number between 1-100 for numerous different items within the 3 categories we listed above. you can give the following commands to your team on the tactics screen:

build up play


the speed in which attacks are put together

values: 1-100

1-33: slow

34-66: balanced

66-100: fast

best custom setting suggest: this dictates the pace with which your players get forward. 70 is fast, but not too fast. any higher and you risk burning out and leaving yourself open to the counter. 70 is ideal.


affects passing distance & support from teammates

values: 1-100

1-33: short

34-66: mixed

66-100: long

best custom setting suggest: influence the passing distance and the support of your fellow players. the passing tactic determins the length at which passing options make themselves available. around 30 sees your players coming towards the ball carrier, and 70ish sees them move for it. 50 is a nice blend of both, and works best for this playstyle.


a team’s freedom of movement in the 1st two thirds of the pitch



free form

best custom setting suggest: organised is key when linking passes so that you know where your players are going to be. free form would result in strikers drifting wide and full backs roaming, not good for the high line we will use.

chance creation


amount of risk in pass decision and run support

values: 1-100

1-33: safe

34-66: normal

66-100: risky

best custom setting suggest: passing in the chance creation section determines how your players look to receive a pass. low stats here is for longer passing, whereas high stats are best for pinging it about. again, 70 is ideal.


the tendency / frequency of shots taken

values: 1-100

1-33: little

34-66: normal

66-100: lots

best custom setting suggest: there is a strange bug in fifa this year where the shooting and crossing tactics are switched, that means to dictate how much your strikers look for crosses from wide players, you need to change the shooting tactic. we are suggesting 20 to focus on passing and runs in behind.


the tendency / frequency of crosses into the box

values: 1-100

1-33: little

34-66: normal

66-100: lots

best custom setting suggest: we want to have our players look to get a shot off as often as possible, but this tactic is ultimately pointless, so 60 is risk free.


a team's freedom of movement in the final third of the pitch



free form

best custom setting suggest: free form should only be used with good teams, that have full backs who are capable of joining the attack, such as real madrid with marcelo, or bayern munich with david alaba, because you'll find that players swap positions and worry less about getting back in position. not a great idea with lower rated players, but ultimately results in faster play.



affects how high up the pitch the team will start pressuring

values: 1-100

1-33: deep

34-66: medium

66-100: high

best custom setting suggest: pressure in this instance relates to how high up the pitch your backline will pressure the opponent. 30 would see your back four on the edge of your own box, but we want to dominate our opponent, so 60 is up closer to the half-way line. any higher is a bit mental.


affect the team's approach to tackling the ball possessor

values: 1-100

1-33: contain

34-66: press

66-100: double

best custom setting suggest: the tactic that determines how your players hunt the ball, a balanced 50 works well with the high line so as not to leave holes in behind. you'll still be able to pressure high and cut passing lanes.

team width

affects how much the team will shift to the ball side

values: 1-100

1-33: narrow

34-66: normal

66-100: wide

best custom setting suggest: we are going for the narrower option to ensure constant options to pass to. we recommend playing with a narrow formation such as the 4-1-2-1-2 (2), or the 4-3-3 (4) which we will cover in more detail soon.

defender line

affects the shape and strategy of the defence



offside trap

best custom setting suggest: cover is essential to have the ai automatically make players fill in the gaps when someone goes roaming. this is essential if you are going to play free form positioning, otherwise they'll just wander off and leave a gap.

fifa 18 default tactic settings

to set up the best fifa 18 custom tactics, after you read above tactic setting details, you can take below fifa 18 default tactic settings as reference, which are based on your team’s formations and players, and set to moderate and organised. check our fifa 18 formation guide here. 

fifa 18 default tactic - counter attack

counter attack tactic is best for formation trying to defensive. to use this tactic, you can make defensive deep and absorb pressure, get numbers behind the ball. if you want to use this tactic, your build up play speed is fast, and we recommend you choose players for your formation with higher pac (pace)rating especially for the attackers and attacking midfielders. to score easily, use finishers with high sho(shooting) and finishing ratings.

formations for a counter-game in fifa 18

if you like to counterattack, consider the following formations:



4-3-3 (2)

4-4-2 (2)

4-2-3-1 (2)

fifa 18 default tactic - high pressure

high pressure tactic good for formation trying to get a goal back later in the match. to use this opposition from having too much time on the ball, but it is more vulnerable to incisive through passes. so, you need the defenders with high def rating. pas(passing) value is also important since the passes for creating chances will be risky. well, in fut champions, you should have a defensive line with high chemistry.

formations for a defensive game in fifa 18

with these formations you stir concrete:




4-3-3 (3)


fifa 18 default tactic - possession

possession tactic for fifa 18 is good for patient team comfortable on the ball. to use this tactic in your team, the safe passing is the key. if you are likely to play a short passing game and comfortable on the ball, possession tactic is good for you. pas rating of your starting 11 should be high. of course, to skilled with skills moves are important to play well in this tactic.

if you have priority and high ball possession values, look at these formations:


4-5-1 (2)

4-1-2-1-2 (2)


4-3-3 (5)

fifa 18 default tactic - long ball

long ball tactic for teams with pacey or shooting in the st. to use this tactic in your team, you will look to play long balls from the defender, either into the space behind the opposing back line. passing and long passing are important, especially for your defenders. the speed, pac, shot for strikers should be high. 

fast tactics in fifa 18 and individual custom tactics

in order not to have to dig deep into your tactic settings with every small change on the pitch, you can go back to a handful of prefabricated fast tactics. these allow you to react to the situation by pressing the d-pad with different strategies. you lie back and want to give your team more pressing to get faster in ball possession and thus to be able to start more attacks? no problem, just press the control-up and select the desired default.

fifa 18 best custom tactics for attacking

for your attacking custom tactics your play your main focus will be on the build-up play and the chance creation settings.

build-up play lets you select settings such as speed, passing style and player positioning.

chance creation lets you select settings such as passing, crossing, shooting and player positioning.

defence lets you select items such as pressure, aggression, team width and organisation.

what this achieves is a higher degree of self-control over your team, really. if you want lots of players coming short to provide passing angles or you want your players to go longer, use these tactics tips to get your teams doing so.

fifa 18 best custom tactics for defensive

for the defensive side of the game, the main focus is obviously the defence section but you can’t neglect the other areas as this can also be set to a defensive slider setting to help organise your players into a more defensive mindset.

build-up play lets you select settings such as speed, passing style and player positioning.

chance creation lets you select settings such as passing, crossing, shooting and player positioning.

defence lets you select items such as pressure, aggression, team width and organisation.

you can control how your players will press, how deep they will sit on the pitch and how wide they position themselves between their teammates. 

best fifa 18 custom tactics and player instructions setting to score goals

- drag your wide forwards in, giving them rw and lw roles. push your lb and rb forward slightly giving with lwb and rwb roles. 

- in the instructions tab set the least attacking of your cms to stay back while attacking and to make aggressive interceptions. make sure he’s also set to keep his position. 

- in the instructions tab set your most attacking cm to get forward, to stay on the edge of the box for crosses, and to have freedom over his positioning. 

- in the instructions tab set your lwb and rwb to always overlap. 

- in the instructions tab set your central most attacking cam to stay forward, to get in the box for crosses, and to stick to position. 

- for all attackers, set them to stay forward in the instructions tab. 

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