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Fifa 18 Best Line-Up & Best Formations Guide - Best Fifa 18 Attacking And Defensive Formation

TAG: FIFA 18 10/1/2017 10:37:27 AM

football is versatile - that's what makes the sport of ball games so appealing. only those who move all the jigsaw particles to their place, can play in the long term. it is not enough to scare three and a half stars on the lawn and hope for the best: a team must grow together and be coordinated. a decisive set-point for this interplay is offered in fifa 18 in the form of the setup and tactics of your team. scoring goals in fifa 18 is pretty much the most important aspect of the game, it can be made a lot easier if you know how best to set up your team in the game. in this guide we'll go over the best line-up, best formations to score lots of goals to use to score goals. 

choosing the "right" formation is a science in itself: in the strategic direction, you have to consider numerous factors such as the strengths and weaknesses of your team, their current form, the playing style of the opposing team and much more. all of these variables are constantly changing, so you are forced to rethink your strategies on a regular basis. therefore also the goose-feet at the beginning of this paragraph: you should quickly separate from the idea of the one universal lineup.

what should be kept in mind during these constant considerations, in which formations you can get your team running, how to find a tactic appropriate to your style, and everything else you will find on this page.

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fifa 18 best lineup - the right lineup for your playing style

only if each player of your team knows their task within the team, your elite can get the maximum potential. your gameplay dictates your tactics on the pitch. however, although your strategy depends on many factors, no one is as critical as the players you can use to execute them. take a close look at your squad and analyze if you can realize your ideas. get an overview of the values and attributes of your athletes and adjust your setup to these features, so that each player can ideally complete the role they want. you want to play offensively on the flanks, but you do not have fast midfielders or outside defenders? then you should go a different strategy. not every player is suitable for every position, so you should always let her run on her favorite positions. even the most gifted ball artist can only get a fraction of his performance when he fills the wrong role within the team. who would be a cristiano ronaldo in the interior defense? just.

press the triangle or y button on the team management screen to move through a specific position between all the players that are most effective. however, since fifa 18 suggests all players in the respective area (defense, midfield, and storm) for the position, you should keep an eye on whether the players are really in the best positions.

caution is also required when changing your formation. if you change these, you should make sure that all players are in their new positions in their new positions. sometimes the game rolls your athletes after a change of form.

if you do not want to make these changes again with each opponent, you have the possibility to save several setups under the tactic templates. there you can define the respective setup, including formation, instructions, players and tactics. in this way, you can prepare for different opponent types and in the case of the cases only have to load the corresponding quick selection.

fifa 18 best formation - what fifa 18 formations exist and when you should use them

also in the new part of the football series from ea you can choose again from a variety of different formations. some of the most popular can be found below.

3-4-4; 4-3-3 

attack over the flanks 

you need flank players with high speed and passwords. in addition, you need a bullet-strong storm tip, which sinks the incoming flanks in the net.

4-1-2-1-2; 4-2-2-2 

defensive with counter-attack

a very fast center-forward is essential here, which also has a good shot strength. flank players can be neglected in this system.

4-4-2; 4-4-1-1 

classic all-rounder setup

very balanced formation, which is not dependent on exceptional players and is very medium-field-heavy. can be played with focus on flank runs.


mid-legged line-up with weak defenses

advanced players can play extremely dominant with this line-up thanks to a very strong midfield and create overshooting situations.


defensive battlegroof

a very defensive formation, which can be designed for fast flank races with fast outside defenses.

5-4-1; 4-5-1 

very defensive alignment

a typical formation for the time-saving of a projection. with a fast mid-striker the match is high.

3-4-3; 3-4-1-2; 3-4-2-1 

offensive, risky play

this formation is often used by teams in the back and is very risky due to a single internal defender. can be used with a flexible midfield but also defensive.

best fifa 18 formations to score goals in fifa 18

the 4-3-3 attacking formation is the basic idea here is to use. and follow below tips for how to best line up 4-3-3 in fifa 18. 

1, assemble a squad of fast players. pace can make up for deficiencies elsewhere and will enable you to create a lot of chances. 

2, put your best finisher in the middle of the front three as this will be your main goal scorer. 

your wingers that make up either side of the front three must be fast, have excellent passing and dribbling skill, and strong finishing. 

3, put a super attacking cam in the centre of the middle three. most attacks will flow through this player, so it’s a vital role. this player will also chip in with numerous goals. 

4, in the wider (but still pretty central) midfield positions you want good passers that are also decent at defending. you could go with cdms or just cms with the right attributes. these two will be essential in breaking down opposition attacks and getting counter attacks underway. 

5, with your midfield being quite central, it’s important to have a left back and right back who can get up the pitch and be instrumental in attacks. pace and passing are essential here as these two players will regularly be getting deep into the opposition half. not only share the useful fifa 18 news and guides, but also sell fifa 18 coins ps4/xbox one/pc safe and cheap. thank you also for buying fut coins and fifa mobile coins in here, we have been doing our best to serve you.

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