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FIFA 18 FIFA Street Mode? - Infos from the FIFA 18 Gamescom

TAG: FIFA 18 FIFA Street 8/23/2017 11:35:26 AM

Is FIFA Street taking part in FIFA 18? A Leak from Gamescom shows: Yes!

FIFA 18 FIFA Street


A tweet from the German FIFA-Youtuber PhineasFIFA is looking for a big look at the Reddit-Forum: He has just been on the Gamescom 2017 and twittered with great joy: "Age, FIFA 18 with FIFA Street again at the start". To this end he published this video, in which a short excerpt from the Street mode in FIFA 18 is to be seen:


So far, there is no official statement from EA Sports about what these recordings are all about. Officially, FIFA's own street mode is not officially confirmed in FIFA 18 - on the contrary: Mat Prior, the creative director of FIFA 18, said in June that FIFA will not return to FIFA 18. One is aware at EA Sports that many players want a return of this mode. It may be that FIFA Street comes back in another year.

Meanwhile, another tweet appeared on the Internet that might explain Phineas' tweet: UNILAD Football‏ writes that “Strong rumours that a version of FIFA Street is coming to FIFA 18 as part of 'The Journey' mode”.


What is FIFA Street?

FIFA Street is an offshoot of the FIFA series of EA Sports. The first part of FIFA Street was released in 2005 on PlayStation 2, the Xbox and the Gamecube. The last part was released in 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Since then the fans are waiting for a version for the current console generation.

In contrast to the "normal" FIFA series, FIFA Street is not kicked on the grass, but on the street. The playing fields are much smaller, the team size is also lower. In FIFA Street, special attention is paid to different tricks.

We do not currently have any further information on FIFA 18 FIFA Street. Eventually, EA Sports will announce announcements in the near future. Until then: All information is to be enjoyed with a good portion of caution.

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