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Fifa 18 Pro Clubs New Features And Improvements On Fifa 18 Closed Beta

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features and Improvements On FIFA 18 Closed Beta

TAG: FIFA 18 Pro Clubs 8/11/2017 5:56:33 PM

As the FIFA 18 Closed BETA kick off, there are more and more information and features about the new game leaked, featuring FIFA 18 Career Mode, Ultimate Team. But what about the FIFA 18 Pro Clubs mode? Many fans complain for years that this mode is neglected. Will the Pro Clubs in FIFA 18 also experience some improvements or will it still be on the track? We get some good news! The players who got the Closed Beta for FIFA 18 Pro Clubs, revealed the below new features of FIFA 18 Pro Clubs. Let’s take a look!

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features and Improvements On FIFA 18 Closed Beta

FIFA 18 Pro Club Updates on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Only 3 days left, FIFA 18 will be released on all platform around the world! More and more new features of the game have revealed. And today, EA Sports finally announced the updates they made into FIFA 18 Pro Clubs officially which are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, below we list the details from offical post: UPDATES MADE TO FIFA 18 PRO CLUBS

Match Lobby

A number of features are added to the match lobby to make it more streamlined, user friendly, and efficient in order to eliminate as much waiting time as possible. 

Now you can assign set piece takers (corner kicks, free kicks, and penalties) before the match starts and switch play styles, removing the unnecessary step of having to leave the lobby to change up your style. 

Play Styles

To provide more flexibility, you can now create multiple play styles for your Pro Clubs Player. You can create unique styles for up to three different positions, or up to three different styles for a single position, so you’ll be ready for just about any Pro Clubs match situation.

Skill Tree

Pro Clubs Player growth’s unique detailed skill tree gives you a host of options when setting up your player. While your Player will still gain experience through playing matches, you will also earn skill points from those matches, which can be spent to customize and grow your Player. 

Kit Customization

Not only are the many existing Pro Clubs kits updated to the newest versions, 12 new colours also are added to use when setting up your Club. 

Whether you're a longtime Pro Clubs player or completely new to the mode, be sure to check out these improvements, and all of the game's new features and innovations, when FIFA 18 drops on September 29.

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features - What's New In FIFA 18 Pro Clubs?

Below are few notable improvements we get from FIFA 18 Beta - Pro Clubs (NEW) and Here's some new things that are in Pro Clubs on the FIFA 18 Beta:
- Clubs can create Home & Away Custom Kits. You now have a home and an away kit you can customize and chose between using in the match room.

- Can set player roles. You get 3 "Play Styles" so you can select which one you want in the lobby (3 different positions), for example, with a CB, ST and CAM set up, all different heights, weight and different traits and skill points. And very easily snap and change to each pro set up, saves changing absolutely everything when changing position after a game.

- Can pre-make 3 Pro Builds (eg. a ST, CM and CB) without taking a hundred years to leave the lobby and remake a pro for a certain position.

- Can now make you pro react through "emotes" in game by pressing different directions on the D-Pad. Pressing up for example will make your pro clap "applauding the pass". There is an angry emote, dancing, thumbs up & one that looks like you try to spin a defender.

- Can assign who takes corners, short and long free kicks, penalties, switch to your away kit or pick your play style amongst other things and your captain in the Pre Match Lobby too. The match lobby has been improved a lot.

- The player growth have entirely been revamped, skill points now turn up in high numbers, each game you can receive between 3 and 10 skill points. The traits and stat boosts are now in a tree format. For example to upgrade your pace fully, you must purchase the base acceleration (1 skill point) to which it branches down to the next stage of acceleration (2 skill points) and then you can purchase the first Sprint Speed (1 skill point) and then the next stages below that, skill points rise the more stages you progress. To gain 5* skills you must now purchase 4 stages of dribbling (4 skill points) to gain +1 skill move (4 skill points) and the procedure follows through ball control and agility, so skill moves will cost you a lot.

- Progression bars for each stat are now in percentages. For example you have 86 standing tackle and you are 8% through that level, 92% off 87.

- Can also upgrade goalkeepers attributes (reflexes, handing etc) instead of just giant throw and driven kick even though they are also stat purchases.

- GK's RIGHT ON THE D PAD when you are facing a penalty! You can come off you line all the way to the pen taker.

- Dabbing animation is the same, but now there’s GROUP dabbing.

- Penalties are slightly different you have to shoot to start running.

- New formations: 3-5-1-1, 3-1-4-2, 4-1-3-2.

- New Celebrations. Mannequin Challenge Celebration is in.

- New traits. Injury free and set play specialist is in.

- More differences: referees wear white boots, vanishing spray is now used online, celebrate with members of the crowd.

Get know more FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Changes by watching WorldofJcc’s video: 

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