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Fifa 18 Ultimate Team New Features Icons Stories, Squad Battles, Pack Opening, Objectives, Champions Channel, Sbc

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features - ICONS Stories, Squad Battles, Pack Opening, Objectives, Champions Channel, SBC

TAG: FIFA 18 Ultimate Team 8/2/2017 12:51:07 PM

The most important FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT 18) new features are known. All information in the overview.


On 1 August, EA Sports let the cat out of the bag and finally revealed the new features that FIFA fans can look forward to in the "Ultimate Team" mode of FIFA 18. While the predecessor introduced FUT 17 Squad Building Challenges and FUT Champions, FUT 18 builds on this foundation and delivers a few surprises.


FUT 18 - What is new?

EA Sports calls some innovations - especially the ICONS. Check all FIFA 18 New Features as below:


FIFA 18 Icons for everyone - with ICONS stories

The biggest innovation EA Sports is promoting are the icons. So far these maps were called "legends" and were only available on the Xbox. In FUT 18, the special maps of former top players in addition to the Xbox also come to the PS4, to the PC and to the Nintendo switch.

The ICONS-Stories are interesting: Each icon has three maps with different overall evaluations, which reflect the different phases in the career of the players. All information about icons in FUT 18 can be found in the below FIFA 18 | FUT ICONS Stories Trailer. There you will also find first icon ratings.


FIFA 18 Single-player Squad Battles

The Single-player Squad Battles are a new single-player mode in FUT 18.

This is where you compete against other teams from the FUT community. So earn your bonuses and rise in best lists.

In the so-called "Features Squad Battles" you can even compete against teams of professional footballers, professional FIFA players and celebrities.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features - FIFA 18 Squad Battles


FIFA 18 Pack-Opening

In FIFA 17 the "Walkouts" were introduced. If you pull a particularly good player from a pack, an animation is loaded in which not only the card, but also the player is in full shape.

In FIFA 18 there will be New Walkouts as well as individual walkouts for special players such as for Cristiano Ronaldo or Griezmann:

FIFA 18 - FUT LIVE 2 Pack Opening Cristiano Ronaldo:

FIFA 18 - FUT LIVE 2 Pack Opening Griezmann:

FIFA 18 Cristiano Ronaldo Ratings

Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for FIFA 18 and is expected to surpass Lionel Messi to be the best player in the game. His updated card for the game sees him rated at 94. His complete statistics are; Pace (92), dribbling (91), shooting (93), defending (33), passing (81) and a physicality rating of 80. The Portuguese superstar sees a slight dip in his speed rating while seeing a similar increase in his physicality ratings.

The FUT pack opening also featured the following players (ratings inside brackets):

Antoine Griezmann (88)

Thomas Muller (87)

Dele Alli (84)

Isco (90)

Marco Asensio (84)


FIFA 18 Objectives

In FUT 18 you can meet your daily and weekly goals. This goes directly into FIFA 18 or via the new Companion app. There should be different goals, such as team management goals or in-match goals.

The more difficult the challenge, the greater the rewards.

Such goals are not completely new in FUT. Already in the last FUT-years there were "Tutorials", in which one should do a few tasks. For that there was then a pack. These tutorials, however, were unique "targets" - in FUT 18, there are the starter targets as well as on a daily and weekly basis.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features - FIFA 18 Objectives


FIFA 18 SBC - New Squad Building Challenges

With Squad Building Challenges, you create teams with certain prerequisites from your cards and then irrevocably exchange them for bonuses. In FUT 18 there will be more variety here.

There are "Combined Player Requirements" and "Brick Slots". In the latter case, certain positions must fulfill the following conditions:

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features - FIFA 18 SBC


FIFA 18 Champions Channel

There is a "Champions Channel": You can watch replays of "Weekend League" matches from the world's best players. The goals and skill videos from top players around the world will be updated and be available to watch on demand. You can select the camera settings and analyze their playing styles.


Learn more about FUT 18

     There are more new FIFA 18 Kits - jerseys designed by community stars, soundtrack artists and other people.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features - FIFA 18 Ones To Watch Kit

     The FIFA 18 Web App and FIFA 18 Companion App are revised. This allows you to master goals and squad building challenges - and, of course, on the transfer market and manage your team.

     The Ones to Watch will show it in FUT 18. There are currently 5 FIFA 18 OTW players known: Lukaku, Lacazette, James Rodriguez, Bonucci and Douglas Costa.


FIFA 18 will be released on September 29th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and in a down-to-date version on Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360. Cheap FIFA 18 Coins will be sale on FIFAAH.COM, stay tuned!

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