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Fifa 17 Futties Sbc Investment And Complete Guide 5 Tips To Help You Save Fifa Coins During Fifa 17 Futties Promo

FIFA 17 FUTTIES SBC Investment and Complete Guide - 5 Tips To Help You Save FIFA Coins During FIFA 17 FUTTIES Promo

TAG: FIFA 17 FUTTIES SBC 7/7/2017 2:29:33 PM

As the last one big event in the game, the brand new FIFA 17 FUTTIES is right around the corner and bring complete different offers from previous years by releasing various SBCs with FUTTIES cards as reward during the promo instead of releasing the FUTTIES in FUT packs. It means there is no more FUTTIES packs on FUT store, you have to earn these untradeable pack rewards by completing SBCs, competing in FUT Champions and Online Tournaments during the event. In addition, other new SBCs featuring retiring players, summer transferred players, and old popular SBCs is joined into the FUTTIES promo.

FIFA 17 FUTTIES SBC Investment and Complete Guide


As we know, complete these Squad Building Challenges are all going to reduce your coins balance. But ignoring these SBCs, you would miss the best chance to get some great unique cards. So what's the best and cost-effective way to win rewards but not waste too much coins on completing these FUTTIES SBCs? Here are 5 important tips to help you save FIFA Coins during the FIFA 17 FUTTIES promo, thanks to Degusrule13's sharing on Reddit.

  1. If you see an SBC that looks good but you know that a better one may come out soon, wait. It's amazing how many people don't think about future better SBCs and just do an expensive one for only a half decent card. I myself got too excited about the FUTMAS Marcus Rashford and didn't have enough coins for SBC Can later who seems to be a much better player.

  2. If you see an SBC that you want to do, wait until the hype dies down. Just like in Marquee matchups, prices of players needed are often at their most expensive during the first hour or two of the SBC being released. Unless it is a flash SBC then prices will probably be at their lowest during the final few hours of it being active and available. Just don't run out of time!

  3. Don't do an SBC the obvious way, do it in an obscure way that no one will think of. For example: if a marquee transfer SBC is released for Salah and the requirements are two premier league players and one Egyptian player then DON'T PICK EL MOHAMMEDY OR ELNENY!!!! They will have risen in price as they fit both categories of the requirements. Instead, only use Egyptian players from other leagues and create strong links to them to get chemistry!

  4. Don't get all excited about a pretty pink Butland! A small upgrade will not be a massive deal but he will go for way more than he is worth. Butland now goes for 1-2k and is super cheap but I can see an 84 Butland with minimal stat upgrades going for over 50k! Just because he's pink, doesn't mean you have to buy him!

  5. Don't forget, FUTTIES ARE NOT IN PACKS! Being the money whores that ea are, they will probably release a ton of promo packs at the time, just to trick people into buying packs. They are not in packs, packs are now a waste of money because there are no promos out and TOTW will be ridiculously disappointing for the rest of the year. Don't get tricked out by ea's money making scams!


Also you can watch below video from E2A - FIFA 18 to get know more FIFA 17 Futties Trading Tips:


Hope this tips can help you to save FIFA coins and don't lose too much fifa coins in investing and completing FIFA 17 FUTTIES SBCs, we will bring you more tips to help you enjoy the promo. Keep checking back here.

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