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Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Premier League Best Sales Player:Inform Zouma,Payet,Shaqiri,Begovic

TAG: FIFA 16 Players 10/1/2015 3:30:14 PM

premier league is the most popular league in the world, and fifa players have a largest user group in united kingdom. fifa 16 only released for a week, the price of most premier league player are on high side. the famous player cards' price are more expensive than the other players. at the early period of fifa 16, to farm fifa 16 coins is so difficult, so how can we make coins fast to buy drea player card in transfer market? today, we would recommend some useful and cheap premier league player for you.

recommendation player:inform zouma/payet/shaqiri/begovic

inform zouma

zouma is one of the best centre back in premier league, in fifa 16, inform zouma player card is very useful but price is high. he has high protential to be the best cb in premier league,74 pac+80 def+82 phy cab claer dangerous kicks. now, the market price is less than 50,000. in the future, the fifa 16 coins will become increasingly devalued, price of inform zouma would increase between 100,000 - 150,000.

att/def workrate:high/med
skill moves &weak foot:4 stars
traits:flair, shooting - long shot taker, technical dribbler

as the best cam of last season french league, payet is the best player in fifa 16 fifa 16, payet's dribbling and passing operation are very good. yesterday, the market price of payet is 10k coins, we can buy him around 10,000.

att/def workrate:high/med
skill moves &weak foot:4 stars
traits:flair, shooting - long shot taker, dribbler - speed dribbler

shaqiri is one the best rm in premier league, fast dribbling and breakthrough assists are his characteristc in fifa 16. we can buy him around 8,000 coins.

height:200 cm
begovic has very great height and arm length, strength of the gap between fifa 16 goalkeeper are close. coutois/cech/lloris are around 40,000-70,000 coins in transfer market, only begovic is cheap and useful in premier league. if we can buy him with 7500 coins, threre is hope it can rise to 15,000.

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