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FIFA 21 Attacking Tutorial - 7 Best Attacking Tips To Improve In FUT 21

12/11/2020 4:48:52 PM

If you are looking for best ways to score more goals and win more matches in FIFA 21, you should be good at attacking. Here we present a FIFA 21 attacking tutorial covering 7 best attacking tips to help you improve your attacking skills and score more goals in the game! 

Best Attacking Tips To Improve In FIFA 21 - Attacking Tutorial

In FIFA series games, one of the fundamentals is attacking, being able to attack successfully will improve your chances of banging in the goals and win more online matches. This year in FIFA 21, there’s some changes to the gameplay to better suit attacking gameplay. So how can you attack perfectly to break down the difference between your opponents and score more goals? Let’s get into the 7 best FIFA 21 attacking tips!

1. Create Motion With L1/LB

Use L1 passes and also you're on the midfield, it's so useful to throw midfielders forward pressing down L1 and aiming towards the player and then you can also use the triangle pass to just to pass in front of the player and the same with strikers. So, create the motion hold down L1 and pass that to throw people forward and simply make it harder for the opponent to defend because there is nothing easier than to defend against a static team.

2. Use One Touch Passes 

It’s very important in attack to make it hard for the opponent to defend simply. Try to use as much one touch passes as possible and the key is to aim early to place these passes correctly, so the one touch passes are amazing to use in attack and makes it hard for the opponent to defend.

3. R1/RB Crosses

There’s a new feature of 21 where the ball just gets silly power and it is very accurate as well and adjust your aim up or down depending on which side you're on and use high power.

4. Wing Play

Just like last year, it's incredibly effective; particularly at the start of FIFA due to a limited number of budget full-backs that are pacey and good at defending. It's very easy to exploit these full-backs by using high 80 and low 90 pace players, not to mention that pace is critical this year and can really unlock doors for your attacks. When playing you should always have an objective in mind - move down the wing where possible.

5. R1/RB Fake Shot Stop

It’s one of the most all-round moves in the game. Just to stop the ball and aim towards any direction. All you have to do is a fake shot while holding down R1 or RB on Xbox while just aiming that left stick towards either direction and this gives you great control of the game and you can also use this on the first time to combine with some different skill moves. It’s very hard to stop an opponent will most likely not see this coming but also great use on the wing to simply cut back and find some space into that dangerous area.

6. Isolating Defenders

You may want to isolate defenders and make their job as difficult as possible. Most teams will play with at least one CDM in their side, you want to take that player out of the game or outnumber them as often as possible. Not only that, but you want to create as many two-on-one scenarios as possible against the backline to create quick one-two passes and open up space.

7. Hug The Sideline 

It’s great to use when you are under pressure when opponent is simply pressing and his players are running around like horses using team press and you can’t find any options, the counter attack to this is to use the whiff to use the hog cylon just to go with the D-pad up right to activate this, a quick tactic which literally will make your full backs and wingers hug and lick the cylon which is a great use to surpass that crazy pressure. 

So that’s all about the 7 FIFA 21 attacking techniques to break up any defense in the game. Which one do you like best? More FIFA news will be updated for you in which can also provide you cheap FIFA 21 coins for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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