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Fut 15 Tots Prediction-Premier League And Players Stats Grade

4/14/2015 2:50:46 PM

as we all know, besides the most popular toty cards in fifa 15, ea would release the team of the season(tots) cards in the end of season. now, the major leagues has about 5-6 round game away from the end of 2014-2015 season. most of people start to make prediction of tots list. today, we are glad to share the fifa 15 premier league tots prediction.

due to the chelsea has a substantial lead in standings in the premier league table. barring accidents, chelsea would be the champions of premier league. therefore, the list of fut 15 tots prediction has lot of chelsea players.



the style of premier league is fast-paced and fierce physical, which are known by most of football fans. from this tots list, it is clearly performed out.

among six former midfield players, there are 4 players’ pace over 90, costa-91, agüero-95,hazard-95,sánchez-95. such an excellent combination, it is easy to kill rival back line like a hurricane. we supposed that would the ultimate team for most player who prefer fast speed.

there are 4 players in the back, the average of defense and physical are over 90. such tough iron wall would make your opponent deeply feel how strong of the premier league player.

the goalkeeper david de gea has excellent performance in this season, he is the amazing goalkeeper rank only second to neuer. while, he is younger than neuer, and he is still in the process of growing up. in fact, most of players has used sif-de gea replace toty-neuer, which is really easy to operation.


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