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Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Style Guide: How Is The Chemistry Calculated?

TAG: FIFA 16 Tutorials 1/22/2016 6:03:30 PM

does chemistry really matter in fifa 16? many are always confused with this question. yes, chemistry does matter. it is probably just a coincidence than you are losing every match you play against teams with low chemistry. 

skill of gamers, player’s attributes and fitness is the things important to win a match, but the chemistry is also main factors to affect your team. the fifa 16 chemistry styles takes a fundamental role on your team’s performance, by taking all these situations, weigh how much they can benefit the performance of a team and transfer them to the four lines of this evaluation.

so if you want to make the building of a team more complex, challenging and diverse, you should get know how is the chemistry calculated. fifaah is here to help you out. 

as you know there are individual chemistry and team chemistry, individual chemistry take 75% of the chemistry value used in game, team chemistry only 25%. 

each player’s chemistry in game calculation

chemistry = (individual chemistry x 0.75) + (team chemistry x 0.25)

calculating with this equation, we can get a conclusion: a player with individual chemistry 10 on a squad with team chemistry 90 will play better than a player with individual chemistry 9 on a squad with team chemistry 100 (9.75 > 9.25).

team’s chemistry calculation

team’s chemistry = individual chemistry 1 + individual chemistry 2 + ….. + individual chemistry 11

in general, team’s chemistry varies between 0 and 100 and is an accumulation of all the individual chemistry values. any chemistry value from calculating with this equation that is superior to 100 has the same effect as 100.

individual chemistry calculation

individual chemistry = the positioning and links chemistry + manager bonus + loyalty bonus

individual chemistry varies between 0 and 10, but calculating with this quaation, you would get a value up to 12, any value superior to 10 has the same effect as 10.

this is our simple introduce about how the chemistry to be calculated in fifa 16 ultimate team, keep your eyes on, we will bring more guide for fifa 16 ultimate team chemistry soon.

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