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FIFA 20 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event - Release Date, Promo Offers & Market Crash

TAG: FIFA 20 Events News 11/28/2019 2:45:49 PM

Diverse Black Friday promotions and sales have been started, and the FIFA 20 Black Friday event is just around the corner, when will it start and end in Ultimate Team? What offers you can expect this year? Check out the FUT 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday for details.

FIFA 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Release Date 

To celebrate the shopping season, FIFA 20 Black Friday is estimated to start on November 29, 2019, and FIFA 20 Cyber Monday launch on December 02, 2019. 

FIFA 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers

Since FIFA 14, Black Friday entered FUT and has become one of the biggest events of FIFA, it usually reveals as many offers as possible, what you can get?

- Best of Team of the Week: a team of FIFA 20 Black Friday items selected from previous TOTW players will be available in packs during the event. 

- Hourly promo packs and lightning rounds: some unique packs are available in an hour after the specific time, such as 25k Premium Gold Players packs, 50k Rare Players packs and 100k Jumbo Rare Players packs. Lightning rounds refer to new rounds of promo packs, you are allowed to buy as many as possible on the store before they sold out. 

- Themed Squad Building Challenges

- Weekly Objectives

- Special offers, like Flashback cards. 

There may be some differences from the previous Black Friday event, you'd better keep an eye on the Ultimate Team.

FIFA 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Market Crash & Investment

The market crash is finally here, as soon as the Black Friday promo starts, there will be massive crash, it's the time you can invest and make FIFA 20 coins in the following weeks, this Black Friday market crash would be very big, you'll see players around 100K drop to 60K, and lots of informs rising in price. If EA releases Flashback SBCs, you will see the 83 rated to 85 rated players up in value due to the higher demand than supply. You can try to trade when the FUT Champions rewards come out because this week will be crazier than ever, people are going to sell their entire clubs. There could be 15K, 25K, 45K or other packs put on the store, once they are run out, if you want to make coins, that's the time to get sniping players like Tadic, Pepe.

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