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Fifa 19 Trading & Investing Tips - When To Buy After The Weekend League, Pre-Market Crash In Fifa 19 Ultimate Team

11/12/2018 4:07:22 PM

many fifa 19 players may be entangled with if it's better to buy on monday or thursday or other days after this weekend league, in this fifa 19 tutorial, we'll talk about the fifa 19 trading and investing tips on when is the best or better time to make investment after the weekend league and face the pre-market crash in fifa 19 ultimate team.

fifa 19 investing tip

when to buy after the weekend league in fifa 19 ultimate team?

firstly, monday or tuesday will be a better time to buy players, the gamers don't want to keep their players because of the black friday market crash and will sell some of the players for exchanging the fifa coins, the weekend league will cause the market to go down, that's also going to be squad battles on monday is going to cause it to go quite a bit down as well. so monday or tuesday will be the better time to buy the items.

when people just open division rivals in the morning, all of the informs used to drop slightly and then when fut champions rewards came out, all of the informs went right back up, but now both of them will appear at the same time, so i think in an hour or two after all of those rewards, the market will most likely be lower than monday or tuesday, but it is going to be up. for example i've got champions league cards in there and a few other good overpowered la liga defenders, so it's just better to do it now because we just recently had the champions league sbc, it was guaranteed you had some tradable ones and some of them were repeatable as well so that causes them to go down and then we're going to get them in the next match of the week of the champions league which is going to be in the next few weeks.

so you can just buy it now maybe you can sell them later or keep them in your team because they are going to be the cheapest at this moment, because it's the first time we're going to have fut champions and division rivals rewards both at an early morning on thursday, the hour or two after that is going to create some great sniping opportunities because monday or tuesday people are just offloading but all of the rewards are going to come in at that time of that morning, but just to summarize this it is up to you .

that will be all about the small fifa 19 investing tip after weekend league and when to buy is up to you in the last time. more details about the market crash or other news and guide for fifa 19, please come to do you need amount of fifa 19 coins to make a great investing tips before the black friday and cyber monday's coming? a number of cheap fifa coins are on hot sale!


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