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FIFA 19 Global Series Guide - Events Schedule and More You should Know on Road to the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup

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EA Sports has announced the FIFA 19 Global Series schedule some time ago, and the top FIFA online 4 players battle EA Champions Cup will kick off to enter the Knockout Stages this winter. What's the schedule of FIFA 19 global series? What other competitions does it include and when and how to get the qualification for the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup? Let's see the details.

What is FIFA 19 Global Series?

FIFA 19 Global series is the name through which to get the entire qualification for the journey of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, including different series of games or events from 2018 to 2019. The winner of the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup will receive an amazing amount of money as prize along with a journey to The Best FIFA Football Awards.


Event Categories of FIFA 19 Global Series

1. Up to 6 FUT Champions Cups, once a month from November 2018 to April 2019.

2. 7 Licensed Qualifying Events run by some of the world’s leading tournament operators.

3. 2 FIFA Majors with the FIFA eNations Cup ( a brand new competition ) and FIFA eClub World Cup

4. League Partner Events beyond the 8 of last year including Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1 and more.

5. PlayStation Country Tournaments in up to 25 countries.


Schedule/Calendar of FIFA 19 Global Series

26 October - 28 October 2018

PlayStation Continental Cup


November 2018

FUT Champions Cup November
Champions Cup FIFA Online 4


December 2018

FUT Champions Cup December
Licensed Qualifier

January 2019

FUT Champions Cup January
Licensed Qualifier


February 2019

FUT Champions Cup February
FIFA eClub World Cup
Licensed Qualifier


March 2019

FUT Champions Cup March
Licensed Qualifier


April 2019

FUT Champions Cup April
FIFA eNations Cup
Champions Cup FIFA Online 4


May 2019

Licensed Qualifiers x2


June 2019

PS4 Playoff
Xbox One Playoff


July/August 2019

FIFA eWorld Cup



Ways to Qualify for 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup

 In order to qualify for the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup, players need to register and play in Weekend League and get min 27 Wins to become FUT Champions Verified firstly, gamers who get FUT Champions Verified can be invited to play in Online qualification competitions against other top eligible players to earn a position for a live event, which can earn FIFA 19 Global Series points, you can also participate in Weekend League and Playoffs to win points and become the top 60 on leaderboard.


The Road to 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup and Rewards Points You Can Get:

FUT Champions Cups

Each event has at least 32 players per platform. You need to make sure you get FUT Champions Verified and qualify for these events.

1ST                  1500
2ND                   850
3RD - 4TH         625
5TH - 8TH         450
9TH - 16TH       275
17TH - 32ND    150


FIFA Majors

With the return of the FIFA eClub World Cup and the new FIFA eNations Cup, gathers top football clubs and local FIFA teams.

The points reward is the same as FUT Champions Cups.


Licensed Qualifying Events

Similar to FUT Champions Cups, each event will have online qualifiers so that eligible players from around the world can earn their point to compete for chances to qualify the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup. Each match of LQEs will have from 16 to 32 players per platform and will have the same global Qualification system as FUT Champions Cups.

1ST                    850
2ND                   450
3RD - 4TH         315
5TH - 8TH         150
9TH - 16TH       110
17TH - 32ND      80


Official League Partners

The points reward is the same as Licensed Qualifying Events


Other official League Qualifiers

1ST                    200
2ND                   110
3RD - 4TH          80
5TH - 8TH          40
9TH - 16TH        20
17TH +               10


PlayStation 4 Country Tournaments

As a part of FIFA 19 Global Series, these tournaments may have country or region restrictions and limited to the PlayStation 4.

The points reward is the same as Other official League Qualifiers


FUT Champions Weekend League

You can earn points from the Weekend League through being the verified FUT Champions.

27+       10
26          9
25          8
24          7
23          6
22          5
21          4
20          3



The playoffs will be the last chance for players to win FIFA 19 Global Series points, which will enable them to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, it will open to the top 60 players on the PlayStation 4 and top 60 players on the Xbox One leaderboards and the last top 16 players on the leaderboard of PlayStation and Xbox, will have the qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.

1ST                   1800
2ND                   1080
3RD - 4TH          720
5TH - 8TH          540
9TH - 16TH        350
17TH - 32ND      275
33RD - 64TH      200


The FIFA online 4 EA Champions Cup is underway, have you focused on that? There will be more updates about FIFA 19 global series, please pay attention to, want to become top players and get the qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019? There are many challenges waiting for you. More FIFA 19 guide and tutorial or FIFA 19 coins are providing now.


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