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FIFA 19 Cyber Monday Event - Release Date, Offers, Market Crash Guide for Cyber Monday Promotion

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FIFA Cyber Monday is a promotion event take places on Monday, which follows the Black Friday, as one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. On this day, EA will release a variety of promotions and deals, such as Hourly Pack Offers, Flash Squad Building Challenges, Themed Weekly Objectives, increased opportunities for users to get specific players from packs and many new single players.


Then when will the FIFA 19 Cyber Monday release, what are the offers will be available on Cyber Monday and how to make use of the market crash? Keep reading for the details.

Release Date of FIFA 19 Cyber Monday

FIFA 19 Cyber Monday will launch on 26 November 2018, follows Black Friday on 23 November 2018. The event will last one day.

Promotion Offers of FIFA 19 Cyber Monday

Like the FIFA 18 Cyber Monday, we predicted FIFA 19 will release the following deals for Cyber Monday:

New Promo Packs & Lightning Round

Promo packs: A variety of some of the best packs in FUT 19 will be offered a limited time for one hour.

Lightning Round: The FUT packs will be available with a limited number for every three hours as a round throughout the day. Because the stock is a limited amount, the earlier you come, the larger is the possibility for you getting the special pack.

Flash Squad Building Challenges

Flash Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are available for a very short time, during this time, you can create a team according to specific requirements to exchange the new card packs or other rewards, such as FUT coins or exclusive kit.

Themed Weekly Objectives

Participate in these Objectives, you will have the chances to get the potential rewards.

Market Crash Guide of FIFA 19 Cyber Monday

Choose the better deal time. Due to a large number of pack opening on Black Friday, the pack's prices will fall down rapidly. Generally, Black Friday is the best time to buy some cheap players you want in the transfer market. Cyber Monday is the extension of Black Friday, the card prices in the transfer market are still low on this day, but not as low as Black Friday. Most players will cost their coins on Black Friday and the prices of cards usually pick up on Cyber Monday, so Cyber Monday is not the best time to buy the FUT packs and keep an eye on the official promo offers on Cyber Monday.

Keep monitoring the market. Black Friday will bring a massively market crash of the FIFA season, because lots of people are going to be selling their teams to complete these flash SBC's and opening packs as well with coins, this is going to cause the market to crash, so Black Friday is usually a better time to buy some cheap players. But it may appear other situations. One is that the pre-crash was much bigger than the actual Black Friday crash as players sell some of their best cards too early on the transfer market. Another one is players are going to be cheaper during Cyber Monday than Black Friday, for example, if they drop 30% down during Black Friday right before the promo has started, everything is going to be happening on the market, when everything is already 30% below average, when the market is kind of doing fine it was doing a lot better, a week ago, two weeks ago but if it's at 32 percent decrease, now lots of people are going to be opening up lightning rounds and doing these flash SBC's, most of these flashes SBCs are going to be tradable, if any and lots of people pack someone, they're going to list him up and then people are going to be listing them up to lower and lower in a few hours.

So, there is not a definite best time to make the deal, you need always keep your eye on the market and don't run out all of your FIFA 19 coins at one time, more details about Black Friday or other FIFA 19 updates, please pay attention to


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