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Fifa 19 Black Friday Market Crash Guide & Investing Tips - When And Who You Should Sell & Buy?

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the ultimate scream event is going on in fut now, fifa 19 black friday market crash is well on the way, which brings the best point to buy your dream payers or do some good investments to make profits! when should you sell your team to prepare for the biggest annual fut promo? when is the best time to buy cheap players in fut 19? when is it worthwhile to invest the valuable coins? there have been lots of questions, in this fifa 19 black friday market crash guide, will help you to do better investing during the event!

fifa 19 black friday market crash guide & investing tips

fifa 19 black friday market crash and investing tips

as you know the annual fut black friday promo is especially profitable for ea, because the fut shop will be flooded with pack offers, in addition to the hourly flash rounds, there are also flash sbcs and special weekly objectives. all of this will be too much for the market and as a result, cause players to drop from too much supply without any demand, and with that a massive impact on the market, the so-called market crash.


when will fifa 19 black friday crash start?

this year the fifa 19 black friday event will start on 23th november and cyber monday on 26th november! fifa 19 black friday market crash is starting now – with a number of players’ values plummeting at an alarming rate in market.


when should you sell your team to prepare for fifa 19 black friday?

should i sell my team now or wait a few more weeks?

it’s actually one of the lowest points throughout the entire year making it a great point to buy your team as players will be very cheap. you should sell your certain players in your club so you go into black friday with a good amount of coins in order to be able invest that to either get a team very cheaply, or maybe do some good investments to make profits. also you can stock cheap fifa 19 coins for black friday from 

the market has already begun to drop. looking at futbin alone, the market has dropped over 5% in the recent week on xbox, pc, ps4 according the market prices index on futbin, which is massive, and there is still quite a few weeks to go black friday. this is due to youtubers uploading videos warning people about what black friday does to fifa. if you have not sold on your teams and investments yet, do it.

check futbin market xbox / ps4/pc:

fifa 19 gold players prices index on pc

fifa 19 gold players prices index on ps4

fifa 19 gold players prices index on xbox

who should be selling and who should you possibly be keeping?

although black friday will take place on november 23, the market already starts to suffer several weeks earlier. the event should cover the entire weekend and will probably end on november 26 with cyber monday. in those four days, there will be mass unpacking. many users are already starting to prepare, keeping credits and / or fifa points to spend during black friday. the possibilities are currently different. we can aim to create an important rose by taking advantage of a substantial price reduction. or, if you already have a competitive squad, you may decide to invest heavily on a series of players who will then tend to rise in price in the following months.

the market will strongly influence the nif cards, while the ifs and the icons should maintain their value without any particular price changes. the rus could be fundamental in terms of sbc. we can not be sure about it but almost certainly there will be sbc that will release a guaranteed if or even challenges dedicated to the lion. making an investment on if at a reduced price is a possibility. minimum risk and insured profit. better to avoid the rare golds from the higher cost as they may have a sensitive, albeit very small, price reduction. as for the nifs instead, a chance could be investing in players with overall 83/84/85/86. although at the moment the sale of the 83 and 84 has not yet taken off, surely in the future some sbc will require players with this assessment.

instead regarding the 85 and 86 the certainty of the gain we can not have it but if we consider the player of the month, now extended recognition to other leagues: liga and bundesliga, if purchased at a good price, surely will be necessary for the challenges of next few months.


when is the best time to buy players for least coins in fut 19?

aim for the players of your dreams!the drastic price reduction is a succulent opportunity to buy the players you want. cristiano ronaldo, neymar, lionel messi. players who at the moment cost an error and are not available to everyone.

about a week, days before the black friday, there will be a bigger market crash. why just a week before? because the players will tend to sell their roses, selling off the teams they use. the same then go to buy back the players during the black friday, taking advantage of the price reduction. it is by itself, available in pack, will be much lower than the demand of community players and therefore all will buy on the market and consequently prices will then tend to rise.

for this reason, we must monitor the market in the week / ten days prior to black friday otherwise we may find ourselves in the opposite condition. prices that increase and goodbye chance to make good deals. for example, considering some of the most desired players last year, they have experienced substantial fluctuations in their price. cristiano ronaldo, costing 1,800,000 and has started to fall in price reaching the minimum peak, 1,600,000, about 12/13 days before black friday. its price has returned to grow on november 24, the black friday date, recovering almost 200k and in a short time exceeding even 2,000,000 coins. this shows how important the purchase timing is.

in addition, it is necessary to consider that in the weekend league on november 9th-10th-11th, the players will have their players sold, after approximately 7am on monday 12th. perhaps this will be the best time to buy, perhaps snipering some players at an even lower price. exactly as happened last year. if you have a competitive squad, take part in the next weekend league and then sell your valuable pieces, so that you do not get lost and take advantage of the price reduction.

below we leave you to the video of e2a which explains in detail what will happen during the black friday:


more fut 19 black friday investment tips:

make a list of experimental players on futbin;

write down the price you want to spend;

wait for the player to reach the price you have set and buy it without hesitating;

remember that the moment! best to conclude your purchases are: on 12th november monday, after the weekend league, and on 15th november, thursday, after the release of the fut rivals rewards (uk 8.00) and after the release of the wl rewards (19.00);

try to sell your players before november 12th;

always keep an eye on the market, as you could do some good business.

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