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FIFA 19 News: Will the Survival Mode for FIFA 19?

7/30/2018 12:22:24 PM

Will the new game mode for FIFA 19? According to the media reports, FIFA 19 will join the new survival mode - FIFA 19 Survival Mode. In this mode, each time a goal is scored, lose a man. If four goals are scored, 7 players will be played against the opponent's entire team. The specific information of this mode has not been announced yet by EA Sports, but if you play with a good friend, can't imagine this scene.

The FIFA 19 survival mode actually showed a similar game mode in the early FIFA Street. The name of the mode is Last Man Standing.

FIFA 19 Survival Mode 2

Watching below video you will know the FIFA 19 Survival Mode and FIFA Street "Last Man Standing" gameplay.

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