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FIFA 18 TOTS Market Crash & Investment Guide: Why You Should Now Sell Your Strong FUT Cards?

TAG: FIFA 18 TOTS 4/13/2018 4:48:26 PM

The Team of the Season (TOTS) is coming soon in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. So why you should sell your players to get prepare for the FIFA 18 TOTS market crash, we explain to you below.

FIFA 18 TOTS Market Crash

The market in FUT traditionally fluctuates strongly and is extremely influenced by events. Special teams like the Team Of The Season (TOTS) or the Team of the Knockout Stage (TOTKS) have a big impact.

We'll explain why you should sell your team as soon as possible and what you need to know about the FIFA 18 TOTS market crash.

Attention: The following information is based on experiences of past FIFA parts. Market behavior can never be accurately predicted and can be manipulated by EA with events or SBC's differently than expected. Therefore, all tips should be treated with care and at your own risk.


FIFA 18 Team of the Season (TOTS) Market Crash

A market crash roughly means that the majority of player cards lose value over a short period of time. Therefore it makes sense to own as few assets as possible in cards and as many coins as possible.

Why is a market crash for the team of the season?

The Team of the Season brings many new, very strong cards in the Ultimate Team mode. That's why many players buy with FIFA Points promo packs or save their packs until the TOTS.

The large number of open packs creates an oversupply of players. At the same time, the demand for normal gold players is falling because many gamblers want to incorporate TOTS cards into their team.

Increased supply and falling demand together make up for the extreme price loss of many FUT cards to the "Team of the Season".

Why should I sell my players now?

If the market crash comes only to the FIFA 18 TOTS release - which is expected on April 27 - comes, why then already make their own players to coins?

The reason for this is mainly "Youtube hype." As soon as many FIFA streamers and youtubers publish videos predicting the market crash and recommending the sale of their tickets, prices are going down. The big, British Youtubers have a particularly heavy impact.

When these videos come in, a big part of the fanbase sells their players and keeps buying them. This means that the burglary does not suddenly come to the release, but slowly before the TOTS starts.

It is also assumed that the "Team of Tournaments - K.O. Round" until the TOTS is released. One possible release of the FIFA 18 Team of the Knockout Stage (TOTKS) is Friday, April 13th. Again, many players draw packs and there is a smaller market crash.

Which players should I sell, which ones should I keep?

Not all players are worth selling. Gold players who are close to the kick-off price, so cost below 1000 coins, will logically not sink much further.

Even high-rated players who are rarely played and have chances for a TOTS card will probably not lose value. Examples are Toni Kroos or David Silva.

For gold cards with a rating of 83 or 84, which are not played, but mainly used for SBC's, it is difficult to predict. They are the most unstable of all the cards.

The biggest losers are making cards that are popular and often played. These include high-rated players with a high price or cards in the lower 80th range, which cost significantly more than most of their rating cards. Examples of the latter are Antonio Valencia, Eric Bailly or Anthony Martial. These players are likely to sell them soon to avoid loss.

In addition, of course, you keep his interchangeable cards. From these you can put together a team for the transition period, so you can continue to deny games. In addition, cheap, but still strong players can be used.


FUT 17: Cristiano Ronaldo lost half of his market value to the TOTS

The market slump on examples from the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is particularly vivid. The first TOTS came on May 12th, the last - the Ultimate TOTS - on June 23rd.

On the graph you can see well the break-in by the Team of the Knockout Stage at the end of April.


We now compare three times: the price one month before the TOTS, the price after the 12th of May and after the 23rd of June.

FIFA 18 TOTS Market Crash - Card Prices

As you can see, most of the cards that you like to play fall extremely. But also an Andres Iniesta - mainly SBC feed - went down in the price because he did not get a TOTS card.

In short, put your value on your FUT assets, sold soon and buy at a later time cheaper again! If you only play "Just for Fun" and have no ambitions to own an expensive team, you can safely ignore the FIFA 18 TOTS market crash. While you need any cheap FIFA Coins to make some investments during FIFA 18 TOTS and TOTKS, welcome to buy FIFA Coins with coupon “FIFA18” on FIFAAH.COM. 

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