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Win 200+ Free Rocket League Keys Easily & Fast! Welcome To RocketPrices Youtube Sponsorship!

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Following the first successful round of Rocket League youtube sponsorship program, RocketPrices.Com continues to search more youtubers and players to join our Rocket League Affiliate System. We will sponsor you with more free Rocket League tradable keys to help you enjoy your game. A new round of Rocket League video affiliate with better rewards starts on 1st April and ends on 15th April, 2018.

Win 200 More Free Rocket League Keys Now!

RocketPrices Youtube Sponsorship

Please read the content in the following parts, the four parts that you need to read carefully, especially Video requirements:

1. Contact Us First: If you want to join video sponsorship program, message us via Twitter (@RocketLeague) or Discord (ROC#3132) for any questions and leave us your contact info.  


2. Make Video: you need to follow below simple requirements to make a video first, and then we will check it.

Video Requirements:

1). At least 3 minutes videos, contents can be anything about Rocket League

2). Recommend and leave our site: https://www.rocketprices.com (discount coupon “ROC” and verbally recommend our Rocket League Items) in the second line, on your video description, no space, because we need our link to be directly shown without clicking “show more”.

For example:

RocketPrices Youtube Sponsorship

3). All videos are made during 1st April to 15th April, and are not deleted.


3. Generous Rewards: If your video is qualified and its views rank to Top 10 in all videos in the 15 days, we will give you below Generous Bonus:

1). The views of your video rank Top 1 in all videos, 50 FREE KEYS will be rewarded to you!

2). The views of your video rank Top 2 in all videos, 30 FREE KEYS will be rewarded to you!

3). The views of your video rank Top 3 in all videos, 20 FREE KEYS will be rewarded to you!

4). The views of your video rank Top 4-20 in all videos, 10 FREE KEYS will be rewarded to you!

Note: More Views You Get, More FREE Rocket League Keys You Will Receive! Only 2 Videos For One Person Can Be Picked Up Into Top 20. 

4. Rewards Giveaway: we will check out the views of all videos and pick out the Top 20 video with the most views on April 15. Then we will contact the winners and trade them the free Rocket League keys face to face in-game.


Now Make A Simple Video To Helps Us Promote Our Rocket League Items, Attract Views As Many As You Can, Hundreds Of Free Keys Are Waiting For You! 

Top 10 Packs
xboxico.png XBOX ONE
1 Patrick Man... + 204,000
2 Patrick Man... + 200,000
3 Mar... + 189,200
4 Patrick Man... + 186,000
5 Mar... + 148,600
6 Mar... + 144,000
7 Pu... + 140,000
8 Co... + 104,000
9 Pu... + 102,400
10 Jordan nathan Mann... + 102,000
psico.png PS4
1 Jonathan Skjen... + 210,000
2 Simon Sime... + 207,600
3 Gun... + 206,000
4 Jonathan Skjen... + 206,000
5 Jeremy Gl... + 204,400
6 Jeremy Gl... + 202,000
7 Zilverleg... + 201,000
8 Giorgio ea... + 200,000
9 Jeremy Gl... + 200,000
10 francisco port... + 199,000
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