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Fifa 18 Totgs Team Of The Group Stage Guide Release Date, Totgs Players Predictions, Totgs Sbc Investment

FIFA 18 TOTGS (Team of the Group Stage) Guide: Release Date, TOTGS Players Predictions, TOTGS SBC Investment

TAG: FIFA 18 TOTGS 12/5/2017 6:39:36 PM

On Tuesday, December 5, the sixth group stage of the Champions League and final round of Europa League will start, the two highest continental competitions for clubs. Since last year, with FIFA 17, EA Sports has decided to reward the 23 players have distinguished themselves in the 6 qualifying matches by assigning them a special in-form card. Naturally, this event will be repeated also in FUT 18 in a few days with the announcement of the so-called FIFA 18 TOTGS - Team of the Group Stage.

Waiting for the official announcement we decided to make this guide in which you will find everything you need to know about the FIFA 18 TOTGS, including release date, TOTGS players predictions and FIFA 18 TOTGS SBC investment tips.


FIFA 18 TOTGS Release Date

When Will The FIFA 18 TOTGS Be Released?

Last year the Team of the Group Stage was released in FIFA 17 on Friday 9 December 2016, ie the day following the end of the last round of Champions and Europa League. Although there is still no official confirmation it is reasonable to suppose that the FIFA 18 TOTGS arrives therefore on the evening of Friday, December 8, 2017.

As often happens this special version of the card will be available in the FUT packs for a week and will replace at that time the "NIF" card, the base card of each of the 23 players selected.


FIFA 18 TOTGS Cards Design and Rating

What Do The FIFA 18 Team of the Group Stage Cards Look Like?

The FIFA 18 TOTGS cards in retain the traditional blue color seen for the first time last year. Here's what the cards look like:

FIFA 18 TOTGS (Team of the Group Stage)

It should be noted that in April, after the dispute of the semifinal matches of the two European cups, EA Sports releases the TOTKS, Team of the Knockout Stage, looking exactly the same as those of the TOTGS. Both teams are identified by EA with the abbreviation TOTT, or Team of The Tournament.


What Overall Rating Will The TOTGS Cards Have?

In general, the TOTGS cards behave exactly like any other IF version, with an increase generally of one or two points of the overall rating compared to the base card or the last special version released.

FIFA 18 Ones to Watch and FIFA 18 Path to glory: this is what happens with the release of the TOTGS

Unlike what happened last year, the dynamic FIFA 18 OTW cards and the recently introduced FIFA 18 PTG cards, will increase overall rating if one of the players were to be included in the FIFA 18 TOTGS. Good chances, given the excellent performance, so to see an upgrade to the OTW or PTG cards of some players like Neymar.


FIFA 18 TOTGS (Team of the Group Stage) Predictions

Which Players Are Possibly Named Into FIFA 18 Team of the Group Stage? Here we show you our prediction of the squad:

FIFA 18 TOTGS (Team of the Group Stage) Predictions


FIFA 18 TOTGS SBC Investments Tips

Investment for FIFA 18 TOTGS SBC insured, last year they asked for an average team 81 and another 82 with an if the two, we know there were two more to complete and they were not so difficult, you should have invested in these two stockings and in the if at the price discard. In below video, E2A - FIFA 18 tell you more investment tips on FIFA 18 TOTGS:


Of course we will update this guide as soon as EA Sports announces the FIFA 18 Team of the Group Stage.  Get cheap FIFA 18 Coins on FIFAAH.COM to do some pre investments for TOTGS now!

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