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Fifa 18 Players Start Fixfifa Movement To Boycott Black Friday And Call For Improve Fifa 18

FIFA 18 Players Start #FixFIFA Movement To Boycott Black Friday and Call For Improve FIFA 18

TAG: FIFA 18 Guides 11/22/2017 10:25:17 AM

FIFA 18 #FixFIFA is currently spreading like wildfire on Reddit, Twitter and Youtube. The goal is to bring EA Sports together to improve the game by boycotting FIFA 18 Black Friday. What is behind it? And what you can do to join the #FixFIFA movement? 

FIFA 18 Players Start #FixFIFA Movement To Boycott Black Friday and Call For Improve FIFA 18

Recently, the user PuRe_SSROCK posted a detailed contribution to the Reddit forum, which he simply called #FixFIFA. Within a short time he reached over 8000 upvotes and great approval from the community. This hashtag #FixFIFA is now spreading rapidly in the social networks.

There are currently 18 posts on the FIFA Reddit homepage (21.11.) That also have the #FixFIFA hashtag in the title or refer directly to it. On Twitter, tweets come in with this hashtag every minute. Youtubers also already refer to it.

Say, there is almost no other topic in the community right now. Together they want to make a difference - they want to get EA Sports to improve FIFA 18, calling for not spending any money on FIFA 18 Black Friday event.

What is the FIFA 18 #FixFIFA really about?

SSROCK writes that since FIFA 04, he has gambled every FIFA and witnessed the highs and lows of this franchise. In his opinion, FIFA 18 was almost perfect for the release, but this has changed drastically with the following patches.

Now he wants to achieve something similar to the community of Star Wars Battlefront 2. This protested together against the "Lootbox disaster" in Battlefront 2, so that the microtransactions were deleted by ado of EA - at least temporarily. The community was able to make a difference.

The #FIFFIFA movement is designed to unify the frustrated FIFA community in a similar way so that they can work together for a better FIFA 18.

Specifically, SSROCK is concerned with these points:

- The packs in Ultimate Team mode are far too random and have terrible drop rates. You can spend a few bucks and get a huge amount of luck with a Cristiano Ronaldo or spend thousands of dollars and still never see a top player. The users with the best teams put tons of money into this mode, which is absurd for an annual offshoot. The focus should be less on micro-transactions and more on playing.

- EA Sports changed the gameplay enormously since the launch. Many players just wanted the telephoto shots to be weakened a bit. However, major changes came: defending was thrown over the edge, the gameplay feels slower, goalies behave very differently, the game is no longer fun and not competitive. This FIFA 18 was not FIFA 18, which was paid for in September.

- The Weekend League has to be extended. Who wants to be successful in this mode, must complete 40 games within a few days. That is "unhealthy", many players can not do that for months. Generally, the Weekend League must be revised.

- EA only cares about FUT. Especially the "FIFA 18 Pro Clubs" mode is neglected. This one has so much untapped potential. One accuses EA of only worrying about FUT, as this mode is spending tons of money on microtransactions.

- The leveling in the EASFC catalog is broken.

- The penalties have to be fundamentally revised. They are based on coincidence and are not skill-based at all.

- Cheating on the PC is still a problem.

- In addition, many complain about an input delay, so that the players react only with a delay on the court.

- In addition, many users believe that the momentum in FIFA 18 is greater than ever before.

- There are also other problems that are pointed out by other users.

Here is a video under the hashtag FixFIFA made by other famous FIFA Youtuber - NepentheZ:


If you want to support this movement, the community suggests three things:

- Spread the hashtag #FixFIFA on social networks.

- Boycott Black Friday in FUT. This event will probably take place on 24.11. where EA Sport will be offering tons of packs at expensive prices. All information about FIFA 18 Black Friday in FUT you can read here.

- You can also sign this petition.

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