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Fifa 18 Squad Battles Points And Schedule Guide – How To Earn More Battle Points, Win On Legendary And Rank Higher

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Points and Schedule Guide – How To Earn More Battle Points, Win On Legendary and Rank Higher

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Want to win better FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards in the brand new game mode? Take on other squads from the FUT community, to win more games and move up the leaderboards. Your Squad Battles rank determines the rewards you will take home at the end of the competition, while your rank is determined by the number of your Battle points. You earn Battle points for doing various things in-game (called a skill bonus), like either shooting on target, scoring goals, or of course, winning matches in Squad Battles. In this guide, we will explain how to earn more Battle points and get higher rank for better rewards.

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Points & Schedule Guide – How To Earn More Battle Points, Win On Legendary and Rank Higher

How To Earn More FIFA 18 Battle Points? How Do I Get In The Squad Battles Rank List?

Play Opponent Select Teams and Featured Squad

Here, you'll be asked to play 45 picked squads over the span of a week in Battle Squad. There are two ways to play matches

Opponent Select Teams: Every day you can challenge four new teams. You and your friends may be showing other teams. Of the 45 matchups, 20 will be featured during the weekdays (Monday-Friday), so the four games will refresh every 24 hours. However, on Saturday and Sunday there is an extra reset, at 5pm BST each day, which means you can play eight matches per day over the weekend.

Featured Squad: That leaves one game left out of the 45, and this little aspect is pretty cool, actually. Every week, there will be one match against a professional footballer, influencer, or otherwise's featured squad. Everyone gets the same squad for this one which keeps available for one week.

What rewards you can get by playing the 45 games in Squad Battles? Click our FIFA 18 Squad Battle Rewards guide to know details. 


FIFA 18 Squad Battles Schedule - All Important Dates

Every Squad Battle takes a week and consists of 11 rounds. Each weekly Squad Battles round ends at 1am BST on Monday morning, or 5pm PST/8pm EST on Sunday evening if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, the ranking lists are reset, the rewards are disbursed and a new competition begins.


Round 1 - Monday 1 a.m. BST / Sunday night 8 p.m. ET

Round 2 - Tuesday 1 a.m. BST / Monday night 8 p.m. ET

Round 3 - Wednesday 1 a.m. BST / Tuesday night 8 p.m. ET

Round 4 - Thursday 1 a.m. BST / Wednesday night 8 p.m. E

Round 5 - Friday 1 a.m. BST / Thursday night 8 p.m. ET


Round 6 - Saturday 1 a.m. BST / Friday night 8 p.m. ET

Round 7 - Saturday 9 a.m. BST / 4 a.m. ET

Round 8 - Saturday 5 p.m. BST / 12 p.m. ET

Round 9 - Sunday 1 a.m. BST / Saturday night 8 p.m. ET

Round 10 - Sunday 9 a.m. BST / 4 a.m. ET

Round 11 - Sunday 5 p.m. BST / 12 p.m. ET

For each round, you will receive four new matches.


Play More Games To Get The Maximum Squad Battles Points

If you have played against all available teams, you have to wait until the next opponent update. Since there are only four new opponent teams available on (almost) every day, you should play these four matches every day if you want to get the maximum points.

If you miss one day, you can make up those four matches the next day and then press "Opponent Update" to get the new four opponent teams. If you miss several opponent updates, you can not make up for them. Only one "turn" can be played back.

Important information about the ranking list: Consider that this is a dynamic ranking list. It is based on the results of all players. This means that your rank can change over the course of the week, without you being actively online. Example: If you play a lot at the beginning of the week and take a high rank, but you are no longer online at the end of the week, other players can overtake you. It then falls in rank. You can check your rank at any time at "Your rank".


Play Higher Difficulty Games To Get More Squad Battles Points

Squad Battles allows players to face off against AI Ultimate Team squads built by fellow gamers, with a victory earning points based on the difficulty level selected. The higher the difficulty, the more points you accrue, the more points you rack up each week, the higher your rank.

How To CalculateThe Battle Points?

To collect as many Battle Points as you can during the Squad Battle Week, you need to get as many points as possible from each match. To calculate the Battle Points per match:

Battle Points per Match = Difficulty Bonus x (Match Complete + Match Result + Skill Bonus) + Goal Bonus

Difficulty Bonus

Difficulty setting points multiplier:

Ultimate – 2.6

Legendary – 2.1

World Class – 1.6

Professional – 1.0

Semi-Pro – 0.7

Amateur – 0.6

Beginner – 0.5

Match Complete Bonus

This points total is decided upon based on the quality of the team you're playing against and the Team Chemistry of the team.

Match Result Bonus

A win gives 200 points, a loss for 50 points. You can't draw a game in Squad Battles, so you'll go to Extra Time and then penalties to get a winner if necessary.

Skill Bonus

For good achievements on the pitch you get additional points, for bad achievements there's points deduction. For example, for each goal you get +40 points. Since you can score a maximum of 200 points with goals, it is enough if you score 5 goals per match. Other goals do not have any advantages. Goals, fouls, carded, and absences draw points. Here you can see all the factors that determine the skill bonus (the sum of all factors):

Difficulty - points per skill bonus (maximum units and possible points)
FIFA 18 Squad Battle Skill Bonus Points

Goal Bonus

Scoring goals, especially on high difficulty settings, will earn you lots of points. You can earn for up to five goals per game, so scoring a lot should be a high priority. So try to score 5 goals per match!

Difficulty - points per goal (maximum goals and maximum possible points)

FIFA 18 Squad Battle Goals Scored Bonus Points

The Squad Battles Difficulty You Should Play

There is little reason to play at any difficulty setting below Professional (1.0 multiplier), while Ultimate ramps up players’ abilities to such an extent that you have to be extremely good to win, and it makes more sense to test yourself on Legendary (which only has a marginally lower multiplier anyway). As a rule of thumb, winning 5-0 on Professional earns you roughly as many points as a 1-0 win on World Class.

You can view each squad before you battle them, which allows you to be a little tactical about which difficulty setting you play on. If you’re coming up against Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on 100 chemistry, stick to professional. But if the team youre facing is full of bronze and silver players, you can afford to be a little braver and ramp up the difficulty. Be warned, though: chemistry is more important than squad rating! A good team with bad chemistry is easier to beat than a bad team with good chemistry. If your opposition has anything less than 70 chemistry, you can probably afford to ramp up the difficulty to Legendary.


Tips To Help You Win On FIFA 18 Legendary Squad Battles

1. Remain calm in the first half, try and nick a lead, and then let the AI start making errors.

2. Perform a Stop and Turn (Right Stick up flick, left/right flick) when you are running down the outside of the penalty box, you'll probably beat the defender and find space to shoot.

3. Break the first press of attackers (switches of play are very useful) and you’ll find a lot of space.

4. Note that the AI team start playing more aggressive attacking football as the match nears the end, around the final 20 minutes. If the AI is losing in the final 20 minutes, they change to an ultra-attacking formation with just two centre-backs.

5. Stay level or ahead against the AI in FIFA 18 during a Squad Battle is the key to win on Legendary. Don't rush to score in case you made a loss to cause AI exploit those errors, if you hold onto the ball and wait for your chance your game will be far easier.

Watch below video made by famous FIFA Youtuber NepentheZ’s to learn more tips on HOW TO BEAT FIFA 18 LEGENDARY SQUAD BATTLES

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