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Fifa 18 Dribbling Tutorial Controls – How To Do Close Ball Control, New Bridge, No Touch Dribbling With Fifa 18 Best Dribblers

FIFA 18 Dribbling Tutorial & Controls – How To Do Close Ball Control, New Bridge, No Touch Dribbling With FIFA 18 Best Dribblers

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The dribbling is upgraded in FIFA 18 - many players of FIFA 17 complained, according to the developers, that there are too few possibilities. Now it is easier to change the direction quickly, and tackling is more difficult by the opponent and the ball is generally slowed down more. FIFA 18 calculates each movement of the players per frame. This makes actions more subtle and there can be no surprising and unrealistic changes of direction. Great! This is how defenders can lighten the ball from your feet - or you danced them even better!


The dribbling in FIFA 18 is a magic, is one of the advanced techniques that you perform during tight situations. When you perform dribbling, your main goal is to maintain the position of the ball and successfully get out of a tight situation when opposition players are blocking your player. Through powerful tricks you can leave all players behind you and create chances. They can also make you vulnerable to ball losses and play through awkward actions in the hands of the defenders. We FIFAAH.COM show you FIFA 18 Dribbling Tutorial and how you can perform dribbling effectively in FIFA 18! With this FIFA 18 Dribbling Tips you will learn without any problems to let your opponent stand loose.

FIFA 18 Dribbling Tutorial – How To Do Close Ball Control, New Bridge, No Touch Dribbling


The number of dribbling tricks in FIFA 18 is huge. Anyone who has already mastered some of them in their predecessors will also be able to start with a small boost this season. Nevertheless, it requires practice, since the new gameplay could bring together familiar routines. There is already an incredibly powerful basic dribbling trick with which we want to start our list: The Zig Zag.


The Zig Zag - Perform the Basic but Effective Dribbling

How To Initiate Dribbling

To initiate a dribbling maneuver, you need to press L1 or LB button on your respective controller and then push the left joystick in any direction to initiate a specific type of dribble that you want to perform.

FIFA 18 Dribbling Tutorial - The Zig Zag

Passing the defender with the ball still in your possession

Press L1 or LB on your controller and then push the left stick slightly to the left or right. This will cause your player to initiate a zigzag movement, which will confuse the defender, and you will escape with the ball from the situation. Consider the left and right expressions, however this depends on your position to the ball and therefore also in other directions can correspond.

This is very effective because the ball will be very close to your player. Almost any player can easily pull this move off even if his dribbling stats are not too high. This is possible when you are facing the defender and you want to get past him with the ball still in your possession. It also helps you buy some time if you want other players to come to your help.

Shielding the ball and getting ready for a finesse shot

Press LB or L1 and move the left joystick in the form of a semi-circle towards the back of the player. This is excellent for shielding the ball, quickly changing the direction and getting ready for a finesse shot. This is most effective when you are right in front of the goal.


FIFA 18 Close Ball Control Dribbling

All you have to do is hold down the LB button on Xbox or the L1 button on PS3/PS4. That’s not all though, there’s a great little trick to using this effectively in games. Basically you need to let the opposition defender or midfielder come at you and then spin round like you’re protecting the ball and exit the other side. This is a little hard to explain in text format that’s why it’s best to watch the above video for the best explanation of how to perform it. 

Watch drpoplove's video to learn more tips on peforming this dribble:


FIFA 18 New Bridge Dribbling

The bridge dribbling a brand new skill move introduced in FIFA 18. To do it you simply flick the ball past the defender or midfielder either side of them but with this one you need to be looking at the gap, this means you’ll need around a couple of metres between your defender and the opposition. It only works if this is the case if the gap is too big or too small then is simply will not work. The results are great too as your player will knock the ball past the player and then run to get on the end of it. It’s a real skill that’s very easy on the eye and looks incredible when it’s pulled off.

FIFA 18 No Touch Dribbling

No-touch dribbling allows you to trick defenders, get past challenges, change direction faster, and move around the pitch with ease. No touch dribbling has been moved to R1/RB in FIFA 18. Pressing R1/RB activates no-touch dribbling and the player will step away from the ball. Moving the left stick will then make the players move around or move their legs, without touching the ball. Defenders will often dive in for the tackle, allowing attackers to quickly move past them. All players in FIFA can perform no-touch dribbling, but their skill move rating and dribbling stat will alter how effective it is in action. Pressing and holding the right trigger at the same time will allow players to perform skill-moves. Combining them with no-touch dribbling can embarrass defenders.

FIFA 18 Top 10 Best Dribblers - Players With Highest Dribbling

In the table below, you will find the ten most talented dribbling artists you can find in FIFA 18. But what should you watch next to the dribbling value?

The most helpful feature is a high pace. This allows you to go straight after a successful dribbling and leave the playing opponents behind you. A fast dribbler often leaves the half defense behind him and storms alone on the goal.

But what is the use of such a situation when your player can not make a meaningful use of the pill? If you want a particularly tormented ball handler, you should consider his shot. If your tactics, on the other hand, pretend to be able to clear rooms with other dangling rooms for other players, then your dribbler should have a high pass value to be able to deliver the pill after a little dance to the desired colleagues.

A welcome side effect of players who are particularly agile with the ball: Often their opponents know only with a rude foul to help to stop a prancing Messi at all. In this way, you could get free-kicked or, better penalty.

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