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Fifa 18 Best Camera Setting In Online Matches For Ps4, XB1, Pc

FIFA 18 Best Camera Setting In Online Matches For PS4, Xbox One, PC

TAG: FIFA 18 Guides 10/6/2017 12:54:44 AM

On FIFA 18, we look at the best camera setting, with which it should be possible to win more games.

Now to a tip that will bring "true miracles" and raise your FIFA game to a higher level. The Redditor GolduckAF describes the camera setting and the influence on his victory rate. He claims that he now plays much better and more often wins. As the?

Change FIFA 18 Camera Settings On PS4, Xbox One and PC

You can permanently change the camera setting before a game in the "game settings", but also during a game, the camera settings are available under "game settings".

There are several cameras for the modes, such as the single player, the multiplayer or the "Pro Clubs" camera. For FUT 18 you have to choose the multiplayer camera. There you will find these camera perspectives:

- Standard

- Transmission Tele

- Tele

- Coop

- FIFA 16 Standard

- Dynamic

- Longitudinal view

- and transmission

Furthermore, you can influence the camera height and the camera zoom.

FIFA 18 Best Camera Setting In Online Matches For PS4, Xbox One, PC

FIFA 18 Best Camera Setting For More Overview

According to GolduckAF, you create the outstanding camera view as follows:

- Camera: Coop

- Camera Height: 20 (maximum)

- Camera zoom: 0 (minimum)

This makes the camera similar to Tele - one of the most popular settings - but significantly higher, so you have more overview.

The user reports that it is "insane", how the player's experience changes thereby. You see (usually) every player on the pitch, see the rooms, the formations, the runs of your fellow players. Thus, it is possible to play more intelligent passports and to recognize situations which were not previously on the screen.

Many users agree in the comments: It is really much better to play with this camera setting. FIFA 18 would feel like a new game.

Therefore: If you are looking for ways to improve your game, this tip is worth a try.

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